canterbury classics

S/t [london]
Moonmadness [virgin]
camel s/t
henry cow leg end
Henry Cow

Leg end [rer records]

Unrest [rer records]

S/t [london]
In the land of grey and pink [london]
caravan in the land of grey and pink
matching mole's little red records
Matching Mole

S/t [columbia]
Little red record [columbia]

Flying teapot [charly]
Shamal [virgin]

gong shamal
soft machine fourth/fifth
Soft Machine

Third [columbia]
4 & 5 [columbia'
Hatfield & the North

S/t [virgin]
The rotter's club [virgin]

hatfield & the north the rotter's club
robert wyatt rock bottom
Robert Wyatt

Ruth is stranger than Richard [rykodisc]
Rock bottom [rykodisc]