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April March "Triggers"
Beaumont "Tiara"
B.Fleischmann "Welcome tourist"
Contriva "If you had stayed..."
Flim "Helio"
Innocence Mission "Befriended"
Misty Dixon "Iced to mode"
Me'shell Ndegeocello "Comfort woman"
Erlend Oye "Unrest"
Louis Philippe "My favourite part of you"
Populous "Quipo"
Ursula Rucker "Silver or lead"
Scaven "Autumn leaves"
Scenic "Acid gospel experience"
Ulrich Schnauss "Strangely isolated place"
David Sylvian "Blemish"
Tahiti 80 "Wallpaper for the soul"
The Books "Lemon of pink"
Two Banks of Four "Three streeet worlds"
Yo La Tengo "Summer sun"
808 State 'Outpost transmission' [circus]
Dot Allison 'We are science' [mantra]
Asa-Chang & Junray 'Junray song chang' [leaf]
Badly drawn boy 'About a boy o.s.t.' [xl-recordings]
Boards of Canada 'Geogaddi' [warp]
Books 'Thought for food' [tomlab]
Chris Bowden 'Slighty askew' [ninjatune]
Coldplay 'A rush of blood to the head' [parlophone]
Carmen Consoli 'L'eccezione' [universal]
Dirty Vegas 'S/T' [capitol]
Doves 'The last broadcast' [heavenly]
ESG 'Step off' [soul jazz]
Fennesz 'Endless summer' [mego]
Flunk 'For sleeplyheads only' [beatservice]
Frederic Galliano 'And the african divas' [F communications]
Beth Gibbons/Rustin' Man 'Out of season' [polydor]
Godspeed You Black Emperor 'Yanqui UXO' [constellation]
Gus Gus 'Attention' [moonshine]
Ivy 'Guest room' [minty fresh]
Kahimi Karie 'My suitor' [polydor]
Leaves 'Breathe' [b-unique]
Mary Lorson 'Tricks for dawn' [cooking vinyl]
Low 'Trust' [kranky]
Mondo Candido 'Moca' [santeria]
Motel Connection 'Give me a good reason to wake up' [mescal]
Mùm 'Finally we are no one' [fat cat]
Nada Surf 'Let go' [labels]
Me'shell Ndegeocello 'Cookie:...' [maverick]
Beth Orton 'Daybreaker' [heavenly]
Marco Parente 'Trasparente' [mescal]
Masha Qrella 'Luck' [monika]
Rhythm & Sound 'S/T' [burial]
Saint Etienne 'Finisterre' [mantra]
Scenic 'The acid gospel experience' [hidden agenda]
Duncan Sheik 'Daylight' [atlantic]
Sia 'Healing is difficult' [long lost brother]
Sigur Ros '( )' [fat cat]
Rose Smith 'Dawnraiding' [glasgow underground]
Subsonica 'Amorematico' [mescal]
Tiromancino 'In continuo movimento' [virgin]
Tom & Joyce 'Partir' [yellow productions]
Town And Country 'C'mon' [thrill jockey]
Underworld 'A hundred days off' [junior boy's own]
United Future Organization 'V' [exceptional]
Ben Webster 'Born on the 24th of July' [peacefrog]


A Certain Frank 'Nothing' [ata tak]
Air (french band) '10.000 hz legend' [source]
Alexkid 'Bienvenida' [F communications]
Anywhen 'The opiates' [clearspot]
Arling & Cameron 'We are A&C' [emperor norton]
As One '21st century Soul' [ubiquity]
Autour De Lucie 'Faux movement' [nettwerk]
Avalanches 'Since I left you' [modular]
Baement Jaxx 'Rooty' [xl-recordings]
Bjork 'Vespertine' [one little indian]
Block 16 'Morning sun' [duophonic]
Bran Van 3000 'Discosis' [capitol]
Brave Captain 'Go with yourself' [wichita]
Vinicius Cantuaria 'Vinicius' [transparent]
Sheila Chandra 'This sentence is true' [shakti]
Chari Chari 'Spring to summer' [ultima]
Ben Christophers 'Spoonface' [v2]
Jonathan Coe '9the & 13th' [tricatel]
Daft Punk 'Discovery' [virgin]
Matt Deighton 'The common good' [yeaaah]
Deja Move 'Sunday' [5000 records]
Vladislav Delay 'Anima' [mille plateaux]
Delta V 'Monaco '74' [bmg]
Die Moulinettes 'Alfa bravo charlie' [s.h.a.d.o.]
Patrizia Di Malta 'Vite possibili' [milano2000]
Divine Comedy 'Regeneration' [parlophone]
Vanessa Daou 'Make you love' [eq8r music]
Elbow 'Asleep in the back' [v2]
Eno/Schwalm 'Drawn from life' [virgin]
Fennesz 'Endless Summer' [mego]
Free Design 'Cosmic peekaboo' [marina]
Fug 'Ready for us' [nuphonic]
Fused 'Audio' [columbia]
Vincent Gallo 'When' [warp]
Anjia Garbarek 'Smiling and waving' [virgin]
Rebecca Gates 'Ruby series' [badman]
Giardini di Mirò 'Rise & fall of academic drifting' [homesleep]
Gorodisch 'Thurn und Taxis ep' [leaf]
Gotan Project 'La revancha del tango' [ya! basta]
Paul Haig 'Cinematique vol.2' [rhythm of life]
Ed Harcourt 'Here Be Monsters' [heavenly]
Sophie B. Hawkins 'Timbre' [rykodisc]
Helena 'Azul' [tricatel]
Beth Hirsch 'Titles & idols' [studio k7]
Human League 'Secrets' [papillon]
Hyplar 'S/T' [les disques acquatic]
Ida 'Sssh...' [time stereo]
Innocence Mission 'Small planes' [w.a.r.]
Ivy 'Long distance' [eastwest japan]
Matthew Jay 'Draw' [food]
January 'I heard myself in you' [poptones]
K. 'New problems' [tiger style]
Kalima 'In the spirit' [kin records]
La Buena Vida 'Hallelujah' [siesta]
La Crus 'Crocevia' [wea]
Ladytron '604' [invicta hi-fi]
Lamb 'What sound' [fontana]
Anita Lane 'Sex o clock' [mute]
Lemon Jelly 'KY' [xl-recordings]
Lindberg Hemmer Foundation 'Brazilian architecture' [april]
Llorca 'Newcomer' [F communications]
Lotus Eaters 'Silentspace' [vinyl japan]
Low 'Things We Lost In The Fire' [kranky]
Luomo 'The next episode in house' [forcetrack]
Manitoba 'Start breaking my heart' [leaf]
Mao 'Black mokette' [mescal]
Matmos 'A Chance To Cut Is A Chance To Cure' [matador]
Mellow 'Another mellow spring' [cyberoctave]
Mercury Rev 'All is dream' [v2]
Mice Parade' Mokoondi' [fat cat]
Mina 'A to B' [bungalow]
Missy Elliott 'So...addictive' [elektra]
Modaji 'S/T' [laws of motion]
Mogwai 'Rock action' [southpaw]
Momus 'Folktronic' [le grand magistery]
Mouse on Mars 'Idiology' [sonig]
Mùm 'Please smile my noise bleed' [morrmusic]
Neotropic 'La prochaine fois' [ninjatune]
New Order 'Get ready' [london]
Ian O'Brien 'A history of things to come' [peacefrog]
Tara Jane O'Neil 'In The Sun Lines' [quarterstick]
Jim O'Rourke 'Insignificance' [domino]
Offworld 'Two worlds' [far out]
P'taah 'Decompressed' [ubiquity]
Paola & Chiara 'Television' [columbia]
Andrea Parker 'The dark ages' [quatermass]
Pat C 'S/T' [santeria]
Pearlfishers 'Across the milky way' [marina]
Sam Phillips 'Fan dance' [nonesuch]
Plaid 'Double figure' [warp]
Plastico 'Sensibile al tatto' [universal]
Playgroup 'S/T' [source]
Jocelyn Pook 'Untold stories' [realworld]
Radiohead 'Amnesiac' [capitol]
Phil Ranelin 'Remixes' [hefty]
R.E.M. 'Reveal' [warner bros.]
Royksopp 'Melody a.m.' [wall of sound]
Ursula Rucker 'Supa sista' [studio k7]
Roger Sanchez 'First contact' [sony]
Mathilde Santing 'New Amsterdam' [sony]
Scanner 'Wave of light by wave of light' [sulphur]
Shantel 'Great delay' [studio k7]
Duncan Sheik 'Phantom moon' [nonesuch]
Ian Simmonds 'Return to x' [studio k7]
Sing~Sing 'The joy of Sing~Sing' [poptones]
Slam 'Alien radio' [soma]
Snooze 'Goingmobile' [ssr]
Stereolab 'Sound-dust' [elektra]
Swan Dive 'June' [v2]
Technique 'Pop philospohy' [poptones]
Telefon Tel Aviv 'Fahrenheit fair enough' [hefty]
Tipsy 'Uh! Oh!' [asphodel]
Tortoise 'Standards' [warp]
Transfiguration 'The alpha tapes' [mini tenor]
Turin Brakes 'The optimistic Lp' [ssource]
Underwolves 'Under your sky' [jcr/compost]
Ustmamò 'Tutto bene' [virgin]
Wagon Christ 'Musipal' [ninjatune]
Andrew Weatherall 'Hypercity' [mille plateaux]
Susumu Yokota 'Grinning cat' [leaf]
Zero 7 'Simple things' [ultimate dilemma]
23 Skidoo 'S/T' [virgin]
33.3 'Plays music' [aestethics]
A Guy called Gerald 'Essence' [studio k7]
Air 'The virgin suicides' [source]
Amar 'Outside' [blanco y negro]
Amil 'All money is legal' [roc-a-fella]
Anjali 'S/T' [wiiija]
Anna Karina 'Une histoire d'amour' [rosebud]
Anne Laplantine 'Nordheim' [goom disques]
Arling & Cameron 'Music for imaginary films' [flavour]
Arovane 'Atol scrap' [din]
Artful Dodgers 'It's all about the stragglers' [eastwest]
Attica Blues 'Don't test' [columbia]
Erykah Badu 'Mama's gun' [motown]
Jessica Bailiff 'Hour of the trace' [kranky]
Baustelle 'Sussidiario illustrato della giovinezza' [baracca & burattini]
Beaumont 'This is...' [siesta]
Bent 'Programmed to love' [sport]
Biosphere 'Cirque' [touch]
Black Eyed Peas 'Bridging the gap' [interscope]
Bloedow/Charles 'La mar enfortuna' [tzadik]
Blonde Redhead 'Melody of certain damaged lemons]
Blowpipe 'Epilogue' [harmsonic]
Blue States 'Nothing changes under the sun' [memphis industries]
Bob Sinclair 'Champs Elysees' [defected]
Bowery Electric 'Lushlife' [beggars banquet]
Boys from Brazil 'S/T' [ya! basta]
Bridge & Tunnel 'S/T' [harmsonic]
Broadcast 'The noise made by people' [warp]
Terry Brown Jr. 'From dub 'till dawn' [plastic city]
Bertrand Burgalat 'The sssound of mmmusic' [tricatel]
Buscemi 'Our girl in havana' [downsall]
Calexico 'Hot rail' [quarterstick]
Carmen Consoli 'Stato di necessità' [cyclope]
Carlotta 'Smack!' [carosello]
Cecilia Ann 'Suenacuento' [elefant]
Chateau Flight 'Puzzle' [versatile]
Cinematic Orchestra 'Motion' [ninjatune]
Kit Clayton 'Nek sanalet' [~scape]
Coldplay 'Parachutes' [emi]
Nicola Conte 'Jet sounds' [schema]
Cousteau 'S/T' [palm pictures]
D'Angelo 'Voodoo' [virgin]
Da Lata 'Songs from the tin' [palm pictures]
Damon & Naomi 'With Ghost' [sub pop]
Dandy Warhols '13 tales from urban bohemia' [capitol]
Matt Deighton 'You are the healer' [barley wheel]
Vladislav Delay 'Multila' [chain reaction]
Sussan Deyhim 'Madman of god' [crammed]
Benjamin Diamond 'Strange attitude' [epic]
Dimitri from Paris 'A night at the Playboy mansion' [astralwerks]
Dirty Three 'Whatever you love you are' [touch & go]
Don Tiki 'The forbidden sounds of' [ata tak]
Doves 'Lost souls' [heavenly]
Dusted 'When we were young' [go beat]
Dusty Trails 'S/T' [atlantic]
Dylan Group 'Ur-klang search' [bubble core]
Edwyn Moses 'S/T' [siesta]
Lisa Ekdahl 'Sings Salvador Poe' [bmg]
El Joven Brian 'La duervemela' [siesta]
Elysian Fields 'Queen of the meadow' [jetset]
Sidsel Endresen 'Undertow' [jazzland]
Fila Brazillia 'Brazilification' [kudos]
For Carnation 'Standard Lp' [touch & go]
Laurent Garneir 'Unreasonable behavior' [F communications]
Max Gazzè 'S/T' [virgin]
Geneva 'Weather underground' [nude]
Get Fu**ed 'Wet dreams' [plastic city]
Amanda Ghost 'Ghost stories' [warner bros.]
Bebel Gilberto 'Tanto tempo' [ziriguiboom]
Daniel Givens 'Age' [aestethics]
Goldfrapp 'Felt mountain' [mute]
Grand Tourism 'A l'ecoute de tes courbes' [atmospheriques]
Tommy Guerrero 'A little bit of somethin' [mowax]
Hacienda '3rd door left' [infracom]
Hefner 'Residue' [inertia]
Hidden Agenda 'Whatever happened to...' [straight ahead]
Higher Intelligence Agency 'Birmingham frequencies' [headphone]
Beth Hirsch 'Early days' [vital song]
David Holmes 'Bow down to the exit sign' [go beat]
Hot Toddy 'Super magic' [paper]
Michel Houellebecq 'Presence humaine' [tricatel]
Jori Hulkkonen 'When no one is watching we are invisible' [F communications]
Tim Hutton 'Everything' [pias]
I:Cube 'Adore' [versatile]
Susie Ibarra 'Flower after flower' [tzadik]
Isolèe 'Rest' [playhouse]
Jaffa 'Elevator' [stereo deluxe]
James Hardway 'Moors+christians' [hydrogen jukebox]
Joi 'We are three' [realworld]
June & The Exit Wounds 'A little more Haven Hamilton' [marina]
Kahimi Karie 'Tilt' [polydor]
L'Altra 'Music of a sinking occasion' [aesthetics]
La Buena Vida 'Eureka' [siesta]
Laika 'Good looking blues' [too pure]
Lambchop 'Nixon' [merge]
Amel Larrieux 'Infinite possibilities' [epic]
Lil' Kim 'The notoriuos kim' [atlantic]
Lina 'Redevenir modeste' [apricot]
Logan's Sanctuary 'S/T' [emperor norton]
Lollipop Train 'Juniorelectricmagazine' [siesta]
Lords of Svek 'Stars' [svek]
Los Amigos Invisibles 'Arepa 3000' [luaka bop]
Lucy Pearl 'S/T' [pookie/beyond]
Tara MacLean 'Passenger' [capitol]
Madonna 'Music' [maverick]
Madrid 'S/T' [ici, d'ailleurs]
Aimee Mann 'Bachelor no. 2' [bmg]
Marcel 'Cirrus maximus' [mole listening]
Maria Napoleon 'Dreams & reveries' [siesta]
Mata Hari /S'T' [point of view]
Mice Parade 'Collaborations' [after hours]
Micromars 'Metro' [s.h.a.d.o.]
Takako Minekawa 'Maxi on' [emperor norton]
Eric Mingus '' [some.twelve]
Minus 8 'Elysian fields' [compost]
Nils Petter Molvaer 'Solid ether' [ecm]
Monolake 'Gravity' [mille plateaux]
Marisa Monte 'Memories, chronicles & declarations of love' [emi]
Montgolfier Brothers 'Seventeen stars' [poptones]
Morcheeba 'Fragments of freedom' [warner bros.]
Morgan 'Organized' [source]
Chris Morris 'Blue jam' [warp]
Motorpsycho 'Let them eat cake' [stickman]
Moving Pictures 'Joie de vivre' [shelflife]
Mùm 'Yesterday was dramatic today is ok' [thule]
Noonday Underground 'Self-assembly' [m21]
Nosotrash 'Mi vida en un fin de semana' [elefant]
O'Neil Tara Jean 'Peregrine' [quarterstick]
P'taah 'Compressed light' [ubiquity]
Palm Skin Productions 'Kunstruk' [pussyfoot]
Pan American '360 business 360 bypass' [kranky]
Pascal+Mr. Day 'High flying' [glasgow underground]
Louis Philippe 'Azure' [XIII bis]
Phoenix 'United' [source]
Ian Pooley 'Since then' [v2]
Puddu Varano 'Star70' [bmg]
Radiohead 'Kid A' [emi]
Red Sleeping Beauty 'Singles' [siesta]
Red Snapper 'Our aim is to satisfy' [warp]
Remington Super60 'Pling2001' [s.h.a.d.o.]
Marc Ribot 'Muy divertido (very entertaining)' [atlantic]
Dean Roberts 'And the black moths play the grand cinema' [ritornell]
Rollerball 'Bathing music' [roadcone]
Christina Rosenvinge 'Frozen pool' [smells like records]
Saint Etienne 'The sound of water' [sub pop]
Saint Low 'S/T' [cooking vinyl]
Savath+Savalas 'Folk songs for trains trees and honey' [warp]
Jill Scott 'Who is Jill Scott? Words & sounds vol.1' [hidden beach]
Seks Bomba 'Operation B.O.M.B.A.' [ya ya records]
Senor Coconut 'El baile aleman' [multicolour]
David Shea/Scanner 'Free chocolate love' [sub rosa]
Soma Sonic 'Future' [sonic image]
Soulstance 'Act on!' [schema]
Splattercell' Remiksis' [celldivision]
Spring Heel Jack 'Disappeared' [thirsty ear]
Stars 'Night songs' [le grand magistery]
Station Rose 'Au ciel' [crippled dick]
St Germain 'Tourist' [blue note]
Sugizo 'Replicant' [invader]
Supreme Beings of Leisure 'S/T' [palm pictures]
Swayzak 'Himawari' [medicine label]
Tahiti 80 'Puzzle' [atmospheriques]
Nobukazu Takemura 'Sign' [thrill jockey]
Lewis Taylor 'II' [island]
Jimi Tenor 'Out of nowhere' [warp]
The Sea and the Cake 'Oui' [clearspot]
Thievery Corporation 'The mirror conspiracy' [4ad]
Tiromancino 'La descrizione di un attimo' [virgin]
Amon Tobin 'Supermodified' [ninjatune]
David Toop '37th floor at sunsets' [sub rosa]
Tosca 'Suzuki' [g-stone]
Francesca Tourè 'La sfera' [universal]
Trans Am 'Red line' [thrill jockey]
Two Banks of Four 'City watching' [sirkus]
Underwolves 'So blue it's black' [blue island]
Vibert/BJ Cole 'Stop the panic' [astralwerks]
Walkner.Mostl 'Heaven of hell' [g-stone]
Wechsel Garland 'S/T' [morr music]
Weekender 'Kneel before zod' [toko]
Nicole Willis 'Soul makeover' [sahko]
Wookie 'S/T' [pias]
Susumu Yokota 'Sakura' [skintone]
Yo La Tengo 'And then nothing turn itself inside-out' [matador]