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MARZO 20109

Acolyte is the debut album by Manchester's Delphic, a band shortlisted for the BBC Sound of 2010. Delphic's motto is "The guitar is dead, long live the guitar!", and it's easy to see what they mean as they mix indie rock and euphoric electronics with great success.
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"Magic chairs"

February 22nd we will release our third full length album and we are exited! We’re calling this new baby for Magic Chairs and we are curious to find out how you will like it as it definitely introduces a new Efterklang sound. Our first album on our new home 4AD.
(Efterklang's blog)

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On Anemik, Dinky continues the theme she started on its predecessor, with 13 organic and rumbling songs. Some tracks go in an atmospheric direction and create a warm and spherical ambience, whereas others were emphatically created for the club.
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Junior is Kaki King's first album for this new decade, following a previous 10 year-period that has brought nothing but critical acclaim for the american guitarist. It was a decade that saw the release of her 2003 debut album Everybody loves you, followed by Legs to make us longer, Until we felt red and Dreaming of revenge.
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"There is love in you"

Four Tet releases his much anticipated new album There Is Love In You. Kieran Hebden’s first full length album in over four years and is his fifth LP to date. The first single, Love Cry, is also available on 12” vinyl.
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THE KNIFE in collaboration with
"Tomorrow, in a year"

This is the music The Knife made for the opera Tomorrow, in a Year, commissioned by Danish performance group Hotel Pro Forma. The work is based off of Charles Darwin’s On the origin of the species, his notebooks and other randomly selected Darwin related literature and articles.
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One armed bandit"
Jaga Jazzist is widely considered to be one of the premier acts of the so-called nu-jazz movement of Scandinavia. Talk Talk, Soft Machine, John Coltrane, Don Cherry, Aphex Twin, Stereolab, Squarepusher and Tortoise are frequently mentioned as sources of inspiration. One-Armed Bandit is their new album.
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"Nerve up"

Superb lo-fi collision between Gang Of Four twitch, Echo & The Bunnymen elegance and pure pop from Manchester debutante Julie Campbell aka LoneLady.
(Q Magazine)

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Robert Henke is one the the finest producers in electronic music and Silence is his new release under the alis Monolake. A must buy record and a progression of the Monolake sound with a varied use of metallic sounding.
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"Have one on me"

I cannot say that the new Joanna Newsom triple album is awful but it reminds much too much of 70'S Kate Bush works!!! So, for me, 2 out of 5 stars
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"Black noise"

Black Noise includes collaborations with Noah Lennox aka Panda Bear of Animal Collective and Tyler Pope of !!! and LCD Soundsystem. Prepared instruments played on location in Swiss by Joachim Schütz, Stephan Abry and Hendrik Weber.
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"Blurt + singles"

LTM presents the first CD release of the first album and singles by cult band Blurt, the unclassifiable punk-jazz trio led by Ted Milton. Digitally remastered, Blurt + Singles combines all tracks from the Blurt album as well as the rare 1980-1984 singles.
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Landings is the culmination of four years of recording on the moors and hillsides of Northern England. The resulting album isn’t simply a suite of songs but a form of diary; a dialogue with the landscape itself.
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"Point final"

LTM presents the first CD release by cult Belgian cold wave band Isolation Ward, formed in Brussels in 1979. Point Final features all tracks from the Crepuscule singles as well as the cassette album Point De Départ. The booklet features archive images and detailed sleevenotes. The CD runs for 71 minutes.
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"From a forest near you"

Last seen making their UK album debut on Soul Jazz for their 2008 album Let Your Xs Be Ys, Brazilian duo Tetine return with a fresh collection of tropical punk-funk and new wave inspired electro-pop. (Boomkat)
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"Dark continent / Call of the west"

Raven presents two original, innovative Wall of Voodoo albums on one CD for the first time: Dark Continent (1981) and Call of the West (1982). Singer Stan Ridgway's Wall of Voodoo emerged from the late 1970's Los Angeles punk alternative scene.
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"In the red"

In comparison to his debut album (ndr.: 2007 Working nights), on In The Red, Trus'me has collaborated with several vocalists and musicians: Dam-Funk, jazzy Detroit innovator Amp Fiddler and Jazzanova's current front-man Paul Randolph.
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"...and then we saw land"

Tunng return with their fourth album. Comprising 11 brand new tracks, including the first single Hustle and Don't look down or back, ...and then we saw land is the next step forward in an eclectic and unique musical journey.
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