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AGOSTO 20109

Ellen Allien is known as a DJ, fashion designer, and label head, but she is most famous for her production work. Dust is her fifth full-length as a producer. Dust is being handled by Allien's own Bpitch Control label and Allien describes it as having a warm immediacy compared with her previous efforts.
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"The way out"

The Way Out is the fourth studio album by American folktronic/sound collage music duo The Books. It is the first album The Books have released in five years and their first album with Temporary Residence Limited.
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"Music for real airports"

While on tour, the Black Dog made 200 hours of field recordings, much of which was processed and combined with new music in the airport itself, waiting for the next flight. This vast amount of content has been slowly distilled into a set of particularly evocative pieces of music.
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"Black city"

Entitled Black City, the new record by Matthew Dear is out now on Ghostly International. It will be Dear's first full-length under his own name since 2007's Asa Breed and follows a similar style to that release, with deep crooning vocals layered over sleek electronic beats.
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Funki Porcini is musician and DJ, James Braddell, from England. His music is a combination of downtempo, breakbeat and jazz, with elements of hip hop, drum 'n bass, sampling and time-stretched vocals.
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Barcelona's Delorean mine a territory between dance music and independent pop, producing a sound that is distinctly theirs. This is the record it took delorean 10 years to evolve into a fusion of dance music (including their native spanish balearic house) and contemporary pop music.
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"We are born"

Following up 2008's Some People Have Real Problems, Australian singer Sia releases We Are Born, which includes some of her most upbeat work to date. Influenced by the likes of Cyndi Lauper and Madonna, the album was produced by Greg Kurstin (The Bird and The Bee, Marina & The Diamonds, Lily Allen).
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"Symphony X - Recomposed"

The next in the series of Deutsche Grammophon's Recomposed is Mahler's 10th Symphony by Matthew Herbert. It has now been released in Germany and will be available elsewhere later this summer.
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"Into the great wilde yonder"

Danish producer Anders Trentemoller completes a fairly major crossover move with Into The Great Wide Yonder, transitioning from his roots as a dancefloor-focussed producer and in-demand remixer all the way into mainstream pop.
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Following their award-winning collaboration with Ethio jazz Godfather Mulatu Astatke, pioneering UK collective The Heliocentrics resurfaces alongside another fascinating jazz enigma, ethno-musicologist, jazz maestro and multi-instrumentalist, Lloyd Miller.
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As Dead Can Dance, Brendan Perry and Lisa Gerrard sold more than 2 million records worldwide. To this day, they remain 4AD's biggest selling act. Ark is more reminiscent of the music Brendan has written for Dead Can Dance than his previous solo work, Eye Of The Hunter.
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The first album by Miami electro duo The Beat Club, best know for their club favourite Security. Originally issued by Electrobeat in 1994, Paris includes the singles Security, Dreams Were Made To Be Broken and cover a variety of styles including electro, trance, Miami Bass and synth pop. LTM's 2010 remastered CD edition includes five bonus tracks, new artwork, and a detailed Beat Club biography.
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"Church with no magic"

PVT, the electronic rock trio formerly known as Pivot, will release second album, Church With No Magic, this summer on Warp Records. The album shows the group further developing their multi-instrumental, electronically enhanced rock sound.
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"Neptune's lair"

Drexciya is the sound of originality embodying all the musical styles and history that are part of the city of Detroit. Drexciya is music for change and defies categorization: traditionally armed with freestyle electro, techno, funk and Jazz.
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Infra broadly carries on the style of albums like The Blue Notebooks and Songs From Before, which, with their finely wrought miniatures, were quite exquisite creations. - Wire
At his saddest, Richter sounds like Gorecki, at his most penetrating, like Michael Nyman on a backdrop of concrete and rain. - Word

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Altered States Blak Tech Society"
Ron Trent is an American house music producer. He recorded the track Altered States while still a high schooler, releasing it on Armando's Warehouse Records in 1990. The track became a club hit among devotees of techno. Altered States Blak Tech Society collects the original Altered States 12" along with several brand new remixes and new tracks.
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"Outside the box"

Dubstep innovator Skream released his second album, Outside the Box with Listenin' to the Records on my Wall as the lead single. The CD features 14 new tracks and collaborations come from Murs, La Roux, dBridge & Instra:mental, Sam Frank and Freckles.
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"Disconnect from desire"

School of Seven Bells is a three-piece band formed by Benjamin Curtis together with identical twins Alejandra and Claudia Deheza. Their sound has been described as dreamy and ethereal and the lyrics as abstract.
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