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Horrors' frontman Faris Badwan started a new group with opera singer and multi-instrumentalist Rachel Zeffira called Cat's Eyes and released a critically acclaimed self-titled debut album.
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Geir Jenssen writes: "Early February 2011: Decided to make an album inspired by the Japanese post-war economic miracle. While searching for more information I found an old photo of the Mihama nuclear plant. The fact that this futuristic-looking plant was situated in such a beautiful spot so close to the sea made me curious. Are they safe when it comes to earthquakes and tsunamis? "
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Five years in the making, Rome, the producer extraordinaire's pet project with Daniele Luppi, is inspired by Italian film scores from the 1960s and features guest vocalists Norah Jones and Jack White.
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Excerpts is the gorgeous new record from Montreal resident Olivier Alary, the songwriter/composer behind Ensemble.
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Thomas Dybdahl is a Norwegian musician in the singer/songwriter tradition. His new album Songs features songs from all 5 of his previous albums.
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"Back in the box"

Global Communication, AKA Tom Middleton and Mark Pritchard, reunite following a 15 year hiatus to lay down a collection of genre and era defining Techno and Electronica.
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"Arabian horse"

Arabian Horse is the eighth studio album released by Icelandic act GusGus and is return to form for these longstanding legends of dance music.
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Both Lou Rhodes and Andy Barlow felt the need to bring Lamb back to life: "We always said we wouldn't make another Lamb album until we had something new to say. That time has definitely come."
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"Talahomi way"

After a four year wait, apologies all round, here are twelve songs exploring the ever expanding world of The High Llamas, tales of normality and beyond on the doorstep and down the road.
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2011 release from Canadian composer Scott Morgan AKA Loscil. He has released some wonderful works which led him to be defined by worldwide media as one of the most authoritative composers of electronic music of our times.
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"Music watching over me"

Deniz Kurtel is a DJ, producer and creator of electronic music. Music Watching Over Me is her debut album and it is a darkly delicious delight. Techno - Deep House - call it what you will; this is addictive dance music with a heart.
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"A young person's guide"

The latest bit of Emeralds-related gear to land on eMego is A Young Person's Guide to Mark McGuire, an exhaustive 2xCD compilation of solo tracks from the prodigious axe-wielder's back catalogue. It's essentially a best of, selected by the man himself and Mego boss Peter Rehberg, bringing together 20 tracks from disparate CD-R and cassettes released in highly limited limited editions.
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"Into the murky water"

The Leisure Society make a triumphant return with their second album. Into The Murky Water is a darker and more expansive record yet still crammed with the delicate orchestration and finely crafted melodies that have earned the band two consecutive Ivor Novello songwriting nominations.
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'Summvs' is the fifth and purportedly final collaborative album from the dream-team of Ryuichi Sakamoto and Carsten Nicolai (aka Alva Noto). Since 2002 the two musicians have fused their disciplines near-faultlessly, with Sakamoto's evocative piano-based compositions melting effortlessly into Nicolai's skillful digital rhythms and cautious manipulations.
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2011 studio album from House musician/producer from St. Louis, who started out composing music for Sesame Street during the late 80s/early 90s and also the founder the label Yoruba records in 1999.
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"Midnight menu"

L.A's Tokimonsta drops her highly anticipated debut album, landing on the Japanese imprint, Listen Up, a subsidiary of the Art Union conglomerate. As indicated by her 12" and the growing bluster of hype surrounding her work, Midnight Menu is a very satisfying experience, double dipped in sunny, soul rich atmospheres.
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"Errant charm"

The Errant Charm is the new album from San Francisco’s Vetiver, and the band’s fifth full-length overall. Recorded by bandleader Andy Cabic and Thom Monahan, The Errant Charm is a superb soundtrack for an afternoon idyll.
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