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Carsten Nicolai will release a new Alva Noto album through his label Raster-Noton. Titled univrs, it explores similar themes to Nicolai’s 2008 Alva Noto album, unitxt.
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"In the mist"

In The Mist is the artist purely distilled. It is the music of Harold Budd at its most raw, emotive and minimalist. In addition, Harold is writing for string quartet. In The Mist is comprised of three distinct movements: The Whispers, The Gun Fighters and Shadows. Minimal, abstract, moody compositions.
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Gui Boratto's snappily titled III is, unsurprisingly, his third album, and finds him balancing his sophisticated Trance-Techno formula with a sleek, but grittily EBM/Wave-informed tilt. He starts out purposefully slow and sensually synthy, like John Carpenter for 2011, before the tempo builds with the brooding Big-room tension of Stems From Hell.
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"50 words for snow"

50 Words for Snow is the tenth studio album by English singer-songwriter Kate Bush. It is the second album to be released on her own label, Fish People. The album consists of seven songs "set against a backdrop of falling snow" and has a running time of 65 minutes.
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"Seven stars"

Fennesz's first solo release since Black Sea. Using acoustic and electric guitars, bass, synths, computers, Fennesz continues to engage and entrance us in equal measure. Fennesz writes: "Seven Stars was recorded in Vienna in January 2011. I recorded and mixed the album within 3 weeks. Liminal and July were existing pieces which i have reworked. There is also a version of Liminal that I have been playing live for some time."
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With Vantaa, Raster-Noton releases for the first time an album by Vladislav Delay aka Sasu Ripatti. Vantaa will be the beginning of a long lasting collaboration, which will extend and deepen the spectrum of the label, whereas it falls in line with releases of, for example, William Basinsky, Robert Lippok or Mitchell Akiyama.
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Nils Frahm is already a firebrand in the modern classical world, collaborating with contemporaries such as Peter Broderick, Ólafur Arnalds and Anne Müller. He now returns with a brand new album, released on Erased Tapes Records.
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"DJ kicks"

My Gold Panda's DJ Kicks favourite tracks:
4. Drexciya: Andreaen Sand Dunes
8. SND: Palo Alto
11. Gold Panda: Back Home
13. Jan Jelinek: If’s, And’s And But’s
16. Opiate: Amstel
22. Giuseppe Ielasi: 2
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"All hours"

Ivy have often flirted with an electronic approach over the years, but 2011's All Hours finds the trio delving into the more electronic pop end of their sound and coming up with a cool, late-night club affair. Still featuring the talents of vocalist Dominique Durand, along with guitarist/songwriter Adam Schlesinger and multi-instrumentalist Andy Chase, All Hours follows up 2005's In the Clear.
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"Without you"

From industrial grind pioneer to dread-dub preacherman, Kevin Martin has found many ways to express heavy over the last 20-odd years. The softness that he ushered in with his King Midas Sound project, a collaboration with sugar-voiced street poet Roger Robinson, was something new, however. Here, Martin hands debut album Waiting For You to a team of remixers.
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In September 2011 Luomo (aka Vladislav Delay) returns with his new full lenght release Plus. Plus is the 5th album for Luomo, taking the songwriter abilities of Ripatti to a new level, dwelling deep into first generation Chicago house and the pop sensibilities of 80s London, coupled with his impeccable crossover pop appeal.
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"Crazy clown"

Crazy Clown Time is the debut album from David Lynch. Includes 14 Original Songs written, performed and produced by David Lynch.
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"Impossible spaces"

Among the lively artistic community of Toronto, Sandro Perri, whose other musical projects include Polmo Polpo and Glissandro 70, is all but universally beloved as a local and national musical treasure. Partly improvised, partly composed, and roughly equal parts acoustic, electronic, melodic, noisy, rock, jazz, folk, classical, psychedelic and experimental.
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Her ninth album in 20 years, Weather expands upon Meshell's eclectic and iconic style with an album of intimate songwriting. Produced by Grammy-winner Joe Henry (Aimee Mann, Solomon Burke, Ani DiFranco), Weather finds Meshell experimenting with sparse, orchestral melodies paired with thoughtful lyrics, all performed by a band of fearsome musicians.
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As members of The Black Dog and under various aliases, Andy Turner and Ed Handley emerged into the so-called Intelligent Techno scene of the 1990s, becoming Plaid in 1991. Scintilli is the first studio album in eight years from this electronic duo.
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"Hollywood under the knife"

The Opiates is the latest project from The Queen of Electronic Soul Billie Ray Martin, together with Norwegian techno-electro musician Robert Solheim. Already dubbed in the press as The Carpenters of Electro, their album Hollywood Under The Knife explores paths pioneered by the heroes of Chicago house and Detroit techno, not least Electribe 101, with the aim of taking things forward a giant step or two. Hollywood Under The Knife is an album of real substance, both musically and visually.
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"Glass swords"

Following Warp debut – 2010's Sunburst EP – Rustie emerged as a crown jewel within Glasgow’s already-deep talent pool of genre-busting electronic music producers. The now-classic early releases showcased Rustie’s love for obscure Japanese prog-rock, 16-bit video game sonics, icy grime and Detroit techno; creating a vision of the future of rave music.
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"El tren fantasma"

El Tren Fantasma, (The Ghost Train), is Chris Watson's 4th solo album for Touch, and his first since Weather Report in 2003, which was named as one of the albums you should hear before you die in The Guardian. A Radio programme was broadcast on BBC Radio 4 on Saturday 30 Oct, 2010, produced by Sarah Blunt, and described as "a thrilling acoustic journey across the heart of Mexico from Pacific to Atlantic coast using archive recordings to recreate a rail passenger service which no longer exists".
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"My halo at half-light"

My Halo At Half-Light continues where the previous album left off and features scintillating arrangements that bring these stories from our collective past into the sunlight of today. Anna Domino's stunning vocals are the high point of this unexpected gem, a voice that is at once smoky and crisp, somber and wickedly stormy, perfectly matched to the task of bringing new and disturbing life to such overworked material.
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"Grace for drowning"

Steven Wilson is a twice Grammy-nominated producer, writer and performer, best known as founder and front man of British rock band Porcupine Tree. He has also produced and /or mixed albums for artists as diverse as swedish metal band Opeth, norwegian chanteuse Anja Garbarek and progressive rock institution King Crimson. Grace for Drowning is the second album released under Wilson’s own name, and builds on the artistic inroads he forged with 2009’s exceptionally well-received Insurgentes.
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"Gentle spirit"

We really dig Jonathan Wilson’s Gentle Spirit here at MOJO. Awarded four stars in the last issue of the mag, it’s a record that channels the hazy melancholy of David Crosby’s If I Could Only Remember My Name and the bucolic calm of Gary Higgins’ Red Hash.
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"Psychic life"

The brand new studio album from post-punk bass/dub master Jah Wobble is a collaboration with Manchester's rising star Julie Campbell, who issued an acclaimed album on Warp as Lonelady in 2010. Psychic Life sees Wobble reunited with fellow ex-PiL guitarist Keith Levene for the first time since the groundbreaking Metal Box album.
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'B.E.F: 1981-2011' (Special Edition) celebrates 30 years of British Electric Foundation, the brainchild of Martyn Ware, Craig Marsh and Glenn Gregory, more commonly known as Heaven 17. This 30th anniversary 3 disc collection consists of: Music of Quality and Distinction Volume One and Volume Two, and for the first time on cd Music From Stowaways To Dark, B.E.F.'s first release, previously released on cassette only in 1981; plus previously unreleased outtakes and a new track from the forthcoming Music of Quality and Distinction Volume 3: Dark release. Packaged in a lift-top lid box with a poster + 5 postcards.
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"Laughing stock / S/t"

Two hugely influential albums - Talk Talk's Laughing Stock and Mark Hollis' eponymous solo album have at long last been made available on vinyl again - pressed up by Ba Da Bing after years in the out-of-print wilderness. It's impossible to overstate the love felt by so many for the two experimental Talk Talk albums - Spirit of Eden and Laughing Stock. Following the commercial triumph of their singles It's My Life, Life's What You Make It and album The Colour of Spring Talk Talk retreated back into the shadows and produced two albums that defied categorisation.
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"The 5 Ep's"

Disco Inferno was an English experimental rock band, formed in Essex in the late eighties, Their first album, Open Doors, Closed Windows, was released in 1991. The album was characterized for having influence of late 1970s post-punk bands, particularly Joy Division and Wire. One Little Indian Records released now a compilation called The 5 EPs, featuring tracks from all five now out-of-print EPs released between 1992 and 1995. The compilation had previously been available as a bootleg.
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At long last, the debut Frazier Chorus album Sue, returns. Frazier Chorus hailed from Brighton and consisted of Tim Freeman, Michelle Allardyce, Kate Holmes and Chris Taplin (Holmes is now one half of electro/pop outfit Client along with ex-Dubstar singer Sarah Blackwood). Their finest hour, Sue is now expanded with all of the accompanying b-sides from the singles Sloppy Heart, Dream Kitchen and Typical.
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Released in 1981, the Raincoats' second album, Odyshape, has long been a personal favorite, a record of strength through failure and of constructing new landscapes from pieces of puzzle. This album remains one of the most unique and truly forward-looking records of the post-punk era in that it sees the Raincoats creating a new language out of personal need rather than gain; traditional songforms are recognized but never subscribed, guest appearances by percussionists Robert Wyatt and This Heat/Camberwell Now's Charles Hayward.
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"20 jazz funk greats"

2011 Remastered reissue - includes a bonus disc of unreleased material* "For the first time in 30 years Throbbing Gristle are now back on their own original Industrial Records label. To mark the occasion we are pleased to announce the rerelease of TG's first five albums on vinyl & CD. Each album has been restored and remastered specifically for each format by Chris Carter from 24bit 'baked tape' digital transfers of the original first generation analogue master tapes. Vinyl - The newly cut 180-gram vinyl editions include painstakingly restored cover artworks, using original source material from the Industrial Records visual archive.
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"4 Cd BoxSet"

All 3 albums have been re-mastered from the original analogue studio tapes by John Dent at Loud Mastering, to achieve the best digital sound available today. Additionally there is a fourth album, Dust & Guitars, that compiles all the singles, including an unreleased one that was to have been part of the Rough Trade Singles Club and features the otherwise unavailable recording of Neil Young s We Never Danced. The HDCD albums are packaged in paper sleeves, along with inner sleeves and booklets. They are released in a very limited edition box set. The official three albums have re-designed sleeves by Ivo Watts-Russell and Vaughan Oliver, 4AD's long time visual partner.
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