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Bahamas is the moniker for Afie Jurvanen, a Toronto singer-songwriter and guitarist who has also played with Feist, Howie Beck, Jason Collett and Great Lake Swimmers. Barchords is the follow-up to his 2009 debut album Pink Strat, which was nominated for a Juno Award and made it onto the long list for the 2010 Polaris Music Prize.
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"Dr Dee"

Officially, Dr. Dee is Damon Albarn's first solo album but that's the tiniest misnomer. Ever since Graham Coxon left Blur during the recording of Think Tank, Albarn has been the unquestioned director of his projects, his authoritative stamp evident on Think Tank, all three Gorillaz albums, Mali Music, the Good, the Bad & the Queen, and Rocket Juice & the Moon, so Dr. Dee doesn't exactly have the shock of the new even though it's certainly willfully odd.
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"Egyptian wrinkle"

Boy Friend is the project of former Sleep 8 Over members Christa Palazzolo and Sarah Brown, who's just recently released their debut LP, Egyptian Wrinkle. Dreamy and spaceous sound, all wrapped up in an appropriate, psychedelic, nineties years.
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Darlings of the international indie pop scene Allo Darlin’ follow up a critically acclaimed and hugely successful self-titled debut with their new album Europe. The London-based four-piece—led by Australian songsmith Elizabeth Morris, with guitarist Paul Rains, Bill Botting on the bass and Michael Collins on drums—creates perfect, sophisticated pop gems,
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"Street halo/Kindred"

Japanese original release. Mini-album release from Burial including six new songs.
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"Fear fun"

Former Fleet Foxes drummer Josh Tillman charts new lyrical and musical territory as Father John Misty on the new album Fear Fun. Musically, Fear Fun consists of such disparate elements as Waylon Jennings, Harry Nilsson, Arthur Russell, All Things Must Pass and Physical Graffiti, often within the same song.
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"Quite a way away"

From Glasgow, a solo artist singing and playing acoustic guitar - sometimes effected, his songs slip between a beautifully sparse, emotive fragility (recalling Nick Drake, Bert Jansch, etc.) and denser instrumentals (recalling Eno or Labradford). Very cool stuff. - FatCat Records
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"Electric sound of summer"

A decade in the making, Füxa returns with nine songs of supercharged seasonal splendour. The album is notable for the inspired cover versions. On Daniel Johnston's Some Things Last A Long Time, Britta Phillips (Luna, Dean and Britta) sumptuous vocals retain all the fragility and poignancy of the original; Sarah Peacock (Seefeel, Scala) lends an eerie, claustrophobic air to Our Lips are Sealed, turning the GoGo's/Fun Boy Three smash hit into a dark, menacing ode to secrecy and jealousy.
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"Ideas from the pond"

Sublime sophomore album from the Croat native. On Ideas From the Pond he expresses himself through an equally measured blend of classic memes borrowed from widescreen Kosmische, pulsing Techno and Balkan Euro Disco.
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"Sees the light"

The second LP from La Sera is ten new tracks of peppy break-up pop brimming with defiance and bitter sweetness. Where the first La Sera album was super-dreamy in its layered vocals, Sees The Light is more direct, more aggressive; almost a soundtrack to a lost drive-in movie classic
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"Part IV"

Fred Falke is still living in the last century. Like so many French producers who came up in the wake of Daft Punk's Homework, Falke seems to think house music was perfected around the turn of the millennium, when the twin sounds of Thomas Bangalter's Roulé imprint and Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo's Crydamoure label-ruled Parisian clubs.
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"Galaxy garden"

With loads of glossy, tropical synths and irresistibly funky rhythms, the new Lone album is an electronic soundtrack to ear-to-ear grins and lost inhibitions.
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"One second of love"

The stuttered 80s synth R&B melodies unfold into one another here in ways both giddy and deceivingly nonchalant. This maturation and evolution will all come to a head in early 2012 when Secretly Canadian will release Nite Jewel's proper full-length follow up to her brilliant 2008 LP, Good Evening.
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"Orkney: symphony of the Magnetic North"

Having abandoned the folk-pop of Erland And The Carnival, Erland Cooper and Simon Tong have joined forces with singer-cum-orchestral arranger Hannah Peel to create Orkney Symphony Of The Magnetic North.
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Wonky is the 8th studio album by Orbital, released on 02 April 2012. The album is their first since the Blue Album in 2004 and the first since they reformed in 2008. The album features collaborations from Zola Jesus and Lady Leshurr.
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SomeOthaShip Connect is set to release Georgia Anne Muldrow's upcoming album, Seeds on May 21st 2012. Seeds not only marks Georgia's first album as a vocalist on an outside producers instrumentation, it also marks the first full length project Madlib has produced exclusively for a female vocalist. Says Georgia, "Not handling production and focusing strictly on the lyrics and vocals was a very different experience for me. It was as if I walked into someone else's world and built a hut. But I'm very proud of the hut we built and am excited about the release."
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"Between the times & the tides"

Songs can go a million different ways, declares Lee Ranaldo in the liner notes for his Matador solo album, Between The Times And The Tides, an album which will impress even the most ardent followers of Ranaldo's work. Joined by an all-star cast including Nels Cline, Alan Licht, John Medeski, longtime associate Steve Shelley and cameo from old friend Jim O'Rourke.
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"My head is an animal"

In 2010, Of Monsters and Men won Músiktilraunir, Iceland's nationwide battle-of-the-bands competition. For those that may not think of this as an impressive feat, keep in mind Iceland is the country that has given us the likes of Sigur Rós and Björk. After a race between labels to sign the band, Of Monsters and Men landed with Universal Music Group and now their highly anticipated debut is finally here.
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Sascha Funke, one of Germany‘s greatest Techno auteurs and the genius behind bestselling records like Bravo or Mango, has some pretty big news. And it‘s not about some one off band project, but a partnership meant to stay. As Saschienne, Sascha has formed a duo extraordinaire with multi-talented instrumentalist, singer and wife Julienne Dessagne, displaying an expressivity previously unknown to anyone following his solo work.
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"Echoes and rhymes"

The cover art of the new Primitives album, their first full length in 21 years, offers a good idea of what the UK group was always about. Even a glance tells you they're of a certain time and place, an era where song titles appeared on the front of a vinyl release so you knew exactly what you were getting, and where on the back those titles might reappear with a big block of text telling you why you should buy it.
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Over the years it pretty much turned into the “Chinese Democracy” of the Berlin music scene: the new album by Masha Qrella, at long last. And indeed it’s been more than half a decade since the release of her last studio album “Unsolved Remained” back in 2005. The only exception being “Speak Low”, a collection of beautifully rendered Kurt Weill and Frederick Loewe cover songs, released in 2009.
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"Awe naturale"

Debut 2012 "proper" album on Sub Pop! Feminista sci-fi funk 'n' immortal psych grooves from the Seattle twosome, for fans of Erykah Badu and Shabazz Palaces alike.
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