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"I love you it's cool"

New 2012 album! Futurist electro-pop 'n' synth-gaze blizzards from the Brooklyn trio, for fans of M83 and Giorgio Moroder. Includes "The Reflection Of You".
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Geoff Barrow is a man who likes to keep himself busy and he's managed to piece together another full-length with his sometime Krautrock outfit Beak>. The sounds here shouldn’t surprise anyone familiar with Portishead’s phenomenal Third; the dusty Can vs. Silver Apples percussion, the tape saturated atmospheres and the tangled basslines, but Beak> are not Portishead. ‘>>’ is a more traditional Krautrock album in all senses.
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"The cherry thing"

Most people know Neneh Cherry for her late-'80s/early-'90s classics like Buffalo Stance and Manchild; her classic Raw Like Sushi album was a key component in the rise of the Bristol scene, and her support and collaborations with folks like Massive Attack, Portishead, and Tricky can't be overstated. What many people don't know, however, is that before she was a member of the incredible punk-jazz collective Rip Rig + Panic, which featured members of the Pop Group. Now Neneh has stepped back into the spotlight after 15 years of keeping a low profile to make a record with Swedish/Norwegian free jazz trio the Thing.
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"Swing Lo Magellan"

On Dirty Projectors sixth album, Swing Lo Magellan, songwriter and leader David Longstreth shows he really doesn't know how to do the same thing twice. Where prior Dirty Projectors albums investigated 20th-century orchestration, west African guitar music and complex contrapuntal techniques in human voices, Swing Lo Magellan is a leap forward again. It's an album of songs, an album of songwriting.
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"Kill for love"

Chromatics' first record in five years appeared on Monday, following a steady drip feed of new songs via YouTube over the past couple of months. The first of these was title track Kill For Love, which emerged in October and was slightly touched up for the record proper. A 4/4 beat sails cleanly through Johnny Jewel's exploding star production, while singer Ruth Radelet's lead the vocals on the album..
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Morecambe (UK) four-piece The Heartbreaks have released their debut album Funtimes on May 7th on Nusic Sounds. Their debut album is a 10 track collection of bright, witty and youthful anthems. The album was produced by Tristan Ivemy (Babyshambles, Frank Turner, The Holloways) and Joe Cross (Hurts, Sound of Arrows).
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This CD is the soundtrack to the film AUN, directed by Edgar Honetschläger. With stills from the film in the full colour 28 page booklet, the artwork is designed by Philip Marshall. You can see a clip here.
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"Novaya Zemlya"

Thomas Köner is a pioneering multimedia artist whose main interest lies in combining visual and auditory experiences. His extensive discography include his four classic albums released on Barooni between 1990 and 1995, Nunatak Gongamur, Teimo, Permafrost and Aubrite,,
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ottimo e quindi

"Tracks from the crypt"

Voted No.1 DJ in the world for 2011 by Resident Advisor, Jamie Jones has a huge following and fan-base and this follow up album to his monumental debut album Do You Remember The Future, released on Crosstown in 2009, is one of the mostly highly anticipated albums this year.
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"The way we live"

The Way We Live sees the Turkish-born artist engage in a collaboration on each of its 12 tracks. Wolf + Lamb's Gadi Mizrahi is the most frequent guest, appearing four times under his own name and once as one half of Wolf + Lamb. Stylistically, its unclear as to what type of sounds Kurtel explores on The Way We Live, although something in the vein of her 2011 debut for Crosstown Rebels, Music Watching Over Me.
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"The national health"

The fourth album from indie-pop quarter Maximo Park, The National Health was produced by Pixies and Foo Fighters regular, Gil Norton. Speaking about the album, lead singer Paul Smith said: "The nation is out of control and the record is about taking back control, and being a force for change in your own life." With Norton producing, fans can expect a more guitar-focused sound from the group.
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"A forest"

Christian Löffler is co-founder of Ki Records and well known for his intense, deep moving sound with melancholic undertones. He started to play music at the age of 14. But living in a secluded region near the Baltic Sea, without a musical surrounding, he had to teach himself the essentials of making electronic music. After several stunning releases for Ki and Orphanear, the imprint of Dial’s co-founder Pawel, his debut ‘A Forest’ is now being released through Ki.
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'Lucifer' manages to take the duo's sound into even more horizontal places, blending echo-laced dub electronics with the kind of downtempo Space Age Bachelor Pad Music that Stereolab used to capture our hearts with back in simpler times. Indra Dunis's coos curl distinctly through the electronic percussion and tape-saturated organs with a hypnotic intensity, breaking what might be songs down into lucid dreamscapes and haunted vision quests. We're reminded of Moonshake, Neu!, La Dusseldorf, Colourbox and Cabaret Voltaire.
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"Different colours"

"Different Colours is our sixth studio album and was recorded in autumn 2011.This time round we wanted to create a more soulful record with a greater emphasis on structure and arrangement and generally a more emotional feel. Different Colours is also our first album to feature Duncan Meadows on keyboards."
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"Words and music"

Words and Music by Saint Etienne is eighth studio album by Saint Etienne. The album features collaborations from long-time Saint Etienne associate Ian Catt as well as producer Richard X and Nick Coler. The album will be released on CD, 2-CD deluxe edition, LP and a special boxset versions,
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Moritz von Oswald used to make acclaimed minimal techno as one-half of the Berlin production team Basic Channel. Almost 20 years later he has recruited a band, given it a jazz-like name and shifted his energies into a more textured, less charged mode of electronic music.
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"Among the leaves"

Relaxed & playful 2012 release from Mark Kozelek, 5th studio album under Sun Kil Moon. Initial pressing with 5-track bonus disc.
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‘Silencio’ is the second solo album from Laetitia Sadier, whose tenure in Stereolab over the last two decades contributed mightily to the sound of modern music. Laetitia’s budding solo career follows a trio of albums made under the name Monade.
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Two Italian Techno overlords recreate and refine their now-legendary live set from Japan's 2011 Labyrinth festival on Voices From The Lake. There's a clear sense of purpose to the set, stealthily developing from fluid, flickering tones and metallic pings into oscillating, offset bass rhythms subtly taking their time to re-programme minds and bodies to a meditative agenda. We'd be hard pushed to name a more purified and tranquil Techno LP from this year or the last.
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"Ancient future"

Ancient Future is the second collaboration between composer and visionary pianist Ryuichi Sakamoto and electronic pioneer Christopher Willits. Built around a series of piano pieces that Sakamoto sent to Willits after the release of the duo's first record together, 2008's Ocean Fire, the six tracks that make up Ancient Future are entirely instrumental—and yet, they speak about the very essence of what it means to be human.
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In honor of their 30th anniversary this year, 4AD and Beggar’s Archive will release a four-disc box setcompiling the work of British electronic music pioneers Colourbox. Formed by brothers Steven and Martyn Young (the latter of whom compiled this set), Colourbox stood apart, sonically, from fellow labelmates This Mortal Coil and Dead Can Dance, relying on a wide palette featuring reggae rhythms and sample-heavy riffs. Not much has been heard from the group since their 1987 split, which happened at a most inconvenient time: their most successful commercial venture, a collaboration with dream-pop duo A.R. Kane under the moniker M|A|R|R|S (the supergroup’s sole single, Pump Up the Volume, topped the British charts). The four-disc box includes everything the group commercially released: a 1983 EP and a 1985 LP (both self-titled), a bonus EP included with initial copies of the aforementioned album, and two discs of single sides and is appended by an unreleased rough mix of album track Arena and a cadre of live tracks recorded for the BBC.
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Dare by The Human League resurfaces for another reissue, and whereas the 21st Anniversary re-release in 2002 combined the album with its instrumental remix partner Love And Dancing, this time across two CDs we get Dare and the EP Fascination! with a fair few bonus tracks thrown in for good measure. The Sheffield band’s 1981 album has long since established its reputation as a synth-pop classic – best known for the transatlantic number oneDon’t You Want Me – and it still sounds as fresh, vibrant and essential as it was over 30 years ago. With producer Martin Rushent, The Human League ushered us into an era of vibrant club culture with their pulsing synth constructions and Phil Oakey’s rich booming vocals.
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Edsel is proud to release the duo s first four albums in beautifully presented 2 CD casebound books, put together with the full involvement of Ben and Tracey, and each one featuring a newly-written note by the couple, and all the lyrics. Eden features seventeen bonus tracks: 8 non-album single A- and B-sides (including hits Mine and Native Land ), 5 previously unreleased home demos and 4 contemporary previously unreleased BBC radio session recordings, personally selected by Ben.
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"Animal now"

Digitally remastered and expanded edition of this 1981 album from the British Punk/Post-Punk outfit. Originally known as The Ruts, the band changed their name following the death of frontman Malcolm Owen. The remaining Ruts, Segs Jennings, Dave Ruffy and Paul Fox with the addition of sax player Gary Barnacle, kept things going using the name Ruts D.C. This release features two extra tracks, the single version of Different View and its b-side Formula Eyes.
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"Wishful thinking"

Propaganda‘s 1985 album A Secret Wish was swiftly followed up later that same year with Wishful Thinking, an eight-track remix album featuring reworked versions of many tracks including singles Duel and Dr. Mabuse. A Secret Wish was reissued in 2010 as a 2CD Deluxe Edition (number 11 in ZTT’s elementseries) and June 2012 sees the release of Wishful Thinking from ZTT/Salvo in the form of an expanded one CD remaster (number 23 in ZTT’selement series).
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"It's better to travel"

Swing Out Sister first burst onto the music scene in late 1986 when they released their worldwide hit Breakout they followed this success releasing their debut album It’s Better To Travel in 1987 which reached the top spot. With 2012 marking the 25th anniversary of this musical masterpiece it has been re-released as a 2CD deluxe edition, the audio is newly re-mastered and includes the original album, plus a CD of B-sides, rarities, and remixes. This newly enhanced 2CD package has been compiled by Swing Out Sister (Corinne Drewery and Andy Connell) and the brand new booklet features sleeve notes written by the band along with some carefully selected photography.
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