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"Chewed corners"

Mike Paradinas has been a pioneer and a mainstay of the electronic music scene for over 20 years now and Chewed Corners is his first proper solo album since 2007. Mike started both his career and µ-Ziq with the album Tango N'Vectif back in 1993 which elevated him to the top of the league of British electronica producers alongside Black Dog and Aphex Twin.
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After more than two decades of behind the scenes collaboration Juan Atkins & Moritz von Oswald present Borderland, their debut collaborative album on Tresor Records.
he album - made up of 8 sequences, which seamlessly blend the styles of both masters, was recorded at the beginning of 2013 over various studio sessions in Berlin and will be released as a series of three 12"s and a CD album.
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"For years"

One of the leading lights in R&S’s much-vaunted new generation of artists comes correct with his full-length debut album. Like Mount Kimbie or his old friend James Blake, UK producer Rob McAndrew seems to draw as much inspiration from the painterly post-rock abstraction of Talk Talk or quiet-mode Mogwai and the fanatical detail of 90s laptop electronica, as he does from dubstep, R&B or house.
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Jimi Tenor and Nicole Willis with a double pack full of nice funky and slightly different club tunes. Nice!!
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Olympia is an album of transformation. Though it has only been two years since their 2010 debut Feel It Break, it presents a quantum evolution in the Toronto-based band’s sound, structure and style. After three years of non-stop international touring with the likes of the XX, Grimes and the Gossip, when it came time to record Olympia, Austra had evolved into a complex collaborative effort between its six members.
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British DJ and producer Maya Jane Coles has been rising rapidly through the ranks of the UK House scene in the last few years. Coles' debut album, Comfort is an album which ends up stuck awkwardly in the middle between club-friendly tracks and melody-driven house grooves.
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"Tomorrow's harvest"

Tomorrow's Harvest is the fourth studio album by the Scottish electronic music duo Boards of Canada.
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Masterpiece is one of Ministry Of Sound's most ambitious projects, giving legendary artists a chance to stretch out over three discs. Detroit magnate Carl Craig sidesteps this predicament by tweaking the format a bit—only one disc on his edition of Masterpiece is a conventional DJ set. Another is an unmixed collection of his influences, and the third presents six brand new tracks from Craig, his first original productions in quite some time.
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"Getting closer"

Getting Closer will be Will Saul’s first full-length album since Space Between, released under his given name back in 2005. He has slowly and anonymously leaked Close material into the public sphere over the last 12 months; including remixes of Fink, Little Dragon and Hot¬ush boss Scuba.
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Robert Hood's first album under his Floorplan guise is still Hood techno in tempo and drive but it draws deeper on his gospel, soul, house and disco influences - manifested in lots of smash-and-grab samples as well as suppler programming - to reach incredible heights of groove and celebratory energy.
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"Half of where you live"

Half Of Where You Live is the second LP from Gold Panda. The album comes almost three years on since he burst into public consciousness with the glitchy brilliance of the Lucky Shiner LP. Those three years seem a long time and yet, paradoxically, tracks like You and Snow & Taxis still sound as buoyantly fresh as they ever did upon their inception back in 2010.
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"Divine intervention"

Voorn is Dutch, but he has deep ties to Detroit techno, having collaborated with Derrick May and recorded for the likes of KMS. Though he has recorded under a slew of aliases, for the last decade or so he's focused mostly on music under his own name. Divine Intervention is his second album under his own name.
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London-based producer Jon Hopkins has returned with his fourth album as a solo artist. Immunity transcends a number of genre but has its roots firmly in dance and electronica.
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The music recorded by Ernest Greene as Washed Out has been nothing if not dreamy, and on his second full-length, Paracosm, he takes the dreamlike, otherworldly atmospheres of his music beyond the nocturnal, computer/synth-based sounds of their acclaimed debut, Within and Without. With its gorgeous execution and uplifting attitude, Paracosm is primed to be this year's summer record.
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"Porchlight and rocking chairs"

The LP is Jimpster's first album since Amour in 2006. Porchlight and Rocking chairs stands to reflect Jamie Odell's life on the move. He found inspiration for the album's 12 tracks in the lonely, hungover hours he spends most weekends at airports on the way home from parties, which he says is where many of his tracks get their start. The album features a new version of Jimpster's recent single These Times with Beauty Room member Jinadu.
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"Trouble will find me"

Trouble Will Find Me, the most self-assured collection of songs produced by the National in its 14-year career, is a tribute to fully evolved artistic vision—and, somewhat less mystically, to sleep deprivation.
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"Promises plus African queen"

Les Disques du Crepuscule present Allez Allez, the funky pop sophisticates formed from the ashes of Belgian contenders Marine in 1981. This CD combines debut mini album African Queen from 1981, featuring sprightly dance single Allez Allez, along with stylish second album Promises, released the following year and produced by Martyn Ware of BEF/Heaven 17.
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Recorded mainly in a Dorset studio this is the first Tunng album where all six members were more or less all present at each stage of the recording process. Bar an excursion to album engineer and vintage equipment expert Ben ‘Benge’ Edwards’ “synth museum” to add electronic embellishments.
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"Elements 1989-1990"

New remastered version of this total classic from Carl Craig on CD. First released in 1990 on Planet E, the cyber-B-Boy 808 programming, combined with the dopest synth work and sampling genius, raised the bar and inspired a generation of electronic producers.
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The making of Anomic took place over a period of two years. MU had crossed paths with John a number of times and after a while talk had turned to the idea of making a record together, but it actually took quite a while to get started on it. We had a very clear idea about what we wanted the album to reflect. We were keen to make an "ambient" album that had some grit, the sort of music that might make you think about the wrong side of town.
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"In movimento"

Factory Benelux presents the first CD edition of In Movimento, the debut mini-album by Italian ambient funk group Surprize, originally released by Factory Benelux in April 1984. Formed in Bologna in 1980, Surprize issued two singles in Italy before supporting New Order on tour and joining Factory Benelux in 1983. That same year the sextet travelled to Manchester to record mini-album In Movimento at Revolution Studios, produced by Bernard Sumner of New Order and Donald Johnson of A Certain Ratio. This 2013 remaster also includes all six tracks from their early Italian singles. Cover art by Igort.
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"Infinity pool"

Any of the clich‚s about Scandinavian countries is that they are neat and tidy, well ordered, clean. The same could not be said of Copenhagen four-piece When Saints Go Machine's second full-length album, Infinity Pool. The opposite, in fact. It's a record born out of an atmosphere of chaos. It's harder, darker and more synthetic than its predecessors. nulla di nuovo sotto il sole...cdalso available in LP