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"Born in Tokyo"

For those keeping track Born In Tokyo is album number twenty from Brock Van Wey's bvdub alias. As Its title suggests the album's amorous core was born upon a return from a brief trip to Tokyo in early 2013. The music's feel and flow highly suggest that this trip had a positive impact on Van Wey.
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Must is Spanish Producer Pablo Bolivar's third album and is a showcase of his dubby warm house sounds. There are hints of varying styles across the album's 55-minutes but there is also a consistent atmosphere of lush laid back Spanish vibes and very few vocals.
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"Warm blanket"
Dent May's 2012 album Do Things revealed the one-time ukulele strummer to be something of a whiz at writing and producing laid-back disco that made for a perfect summer dance party soundtrack. Along with the tunes that aimed for the dancefloor, May also showed he could knock off classic Beach Boys/Harry Nilsson/Van Dyke Parks-style pop with grace and style. 2013's Warm Blanket, cuts down on the disco dancing and focuses more on the easygoing but very heartfelt songcraft.
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"One breath"
One Breath is a bold and confident record that begins an exciting new chapter in this uniquely talented artist's career. Produced by John Congleton in Blackbox Studios, France and mixed in Dallas, Texas, USA, One Breath was written in a year and recorded over a few intense weeks.
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"Sailing off the grid"

A starry-eyed Petar Dundov continues his lush kraut-trance-techno explorations on 'Sailing Off The Grid'. In the vein of 'Ideas From The Pond', the Croatian producer sets his tom tom for the headiest, euphoric techno quadrants over eight tracks blending a classic '80s euro autobahn and '90s Frankfurt sensibility with 2013 tastes.
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"Walk the distance"
After a four-year break from recording, Clara Hill returns with Walk the Distance, which takes her back to her early youth. The un-self-conscious sound experiments that have always accompanied her are met here with new inspirations, leading to an album that sounds intimate and incredibly familiar.
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"What's left is forever"

A huge talent in his homeland, Norway’s Thomas Dybdahl is a star in waiting…possessor of a unique and expressive voice together with a multitude of awards. What’s Left Is Forever set to bring wider acclaim to an untapped talent. Recorded in Los Angeles and Norway with Klein at the helm and a truly veritable supporting cast of musicians; from drummer Jay Bellerose (Primal Scream), keyboards courtesy of Jamie Muhoberac (Biffy Clyro, Rolling Stones) and strings provided by Vince Mendoza (Joni Mitchell, Bjork).
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"Until the colours run"
Following the success of their critically acclaimed debut in 2011, Lanterns On The Lake return with anew album, the sublime Until The Colours Run. The source of the music remains the same - anexquisitely crafted blend of symphonic rock, folk and electronics.
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"Orquesta bossa"

“The Orquesta Bossa project started actually with a live gig in January 2012 when I had a chance to produce a concert for a line up with a quintet plus a string quartet. The material was jazz and bossa standards, nothing unusual. This album is not about presenting Jukka Eskola as a virtuoso trumpet soloist but it's more an album about good music, melodies and atmosphere.
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"New waves"
Lead singer of Nouvelle Vaugue returns with her first solo album in English. Features classic 80s hits The Lovecats (The Cure), Beds Are Burning (Midnight Oil), Nowhere Girl, DaDaDa and more. Also includes two new original songs, one in French.
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"Wall of sound"

Since his last studio album in 2009 Baltimore native DJ Karizma has been constantly touring the globe bringing his inimitable DJ sets to the people of Earth. Having finally got the urge to go back into the studio sometime last year, Karizma locked himself away for six weeks as he got into his most creatively prolific spell for years. R2 Records are proud to announce the result of this endeavour: Wall Of Sound.
[ file under: deep house ]
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"Toropical circle"
Takako Minekawa is a Japanese musician who has been active since the ‘90s, exploring the possibilities of experimental pop with albums released on Polystar and Emperor Norton. The two met in the Summer of 2011 when Takako saw Dustin play in Tokyo. He was a fan of her music from the past, and through that meeting they began corresponding. They found many similar interests in music, the universe and mythology. When Dustin was in Japan they went into an hourly rehearsal studio to do some loose musical improvisations, which lead to a natural collaboration.
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"Films & windows"

Excellent full-length from the remarkably consistent Dial producer. Lawrence's trademark sound mixes Detroit influenced rhythms with crystalline melody and extreme attention to production detail. The combination feels somewhat anachronistic with the modern horde of lo-fi barbarians at the gate. Still, it works as well as it always has. The title track floats detuned synth over a sturdy rhythm before introducing a dueling set of synth/string chords. Similarly, Etoile Du Midi begins with a techno-influenced bassline and then uses an angelic combination of flute/harpsichord to move from body to mind music.
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"R plus seven"
Daniel Lopatin debuts for Warp with an eagerly awaited ninth solo album. R Plus 7 follows the increasingly complex vectors of his Returnal and Replica sides with an ambitious fervor, scoping ten dazzling planes of hyper-reality framing analog/digital productions.
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cdalso available in LP

"Crystal world"

Crystal World is a glittering electronic pop album by Marnie, the moniker adopted by Ladytron lead singer Helen Marnie for her debut solo project, produced by Daniel Hunt and co-produced by Bardi Johannsson. Recorded in Reyjavik, Iceland, in August 2012, Crystal World comprises ten original songs written by Marnie while Ladytron enjoy a temporary sabbatical. The 6-panel digipak design is by Laura Hussey, with photography by Lisa Devine, assisted by Mack Photography.
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Crimson/Red is the first album in four years from English pop/rock band Prefab Sprout, who rose to fame in the 1980s.
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"I'd rather be naked"

I'd Rather Be Naked is the debut album by Penelope Queen, a young French singer-songwriter, produced by cult pop polymath Isabelle Antena. Written and recorded between 2010 and 2013, the album features 13 original songs by Penelope, together with a cover of Silly Things, the heartbreaking ballad originally recorded by Antena on Camino Del Sol, their debut for Crepuscule back in 1983.
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The Stepkids is a trio of singer-songwriters who combine their musical background in funk, psychedelia and jazz with a serious pop pedigree. After individually touring with a number of pop musicians, they formed a band to release their own music, and the result is a gleeful blend of psychedelia, soul, classic jazz, R&B, funk, 70s rock and countless other genres and styles. Troubadour is sure to appeal both to fans of complex instrumental music and catchy pop songs and is recommended for fans of Steely Dan, Hall and Oates and Todd Rundgren.
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"Remedies ahead"

Rue Royale release their brand new album Remedies Ahead at Sebright Arms on Tuesday 10th September……their boldest, most romantic work to date!
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"This time last year"
UK electronica veterans Ultramarine present their first new album in 15 years. Crafted at their studio by the Essex marshes, This Time Last Year is a wistfully nostalgic, pastoral blend of treated acoustic instrumentation and electronics, knitting delicate, intricate rhythms to shimmering guitar lines and frothy electronics for the come down.
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"No better time than now"

After American beat maker Zach Saginaw, aka Shigeto, signed with electronic label Ghostly International in 2010 and released two internationally accredited albums, he toured extensively across Europe, North America and Australia. Recognised for his deep percussion-based beats, Shigeto has risen amongst his Ghostly peers to challenge the likes of Gold Panda, Tycho and Mathew Dear, making his 3rd studio album No Better Time Than Now one of the most anticipated electronic albums of the year.
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"In C"
Composer Terry Riley's landmark 1964 composition of canonical minimalism is given grand explorative treatment here by Portishead's Adrian Utley and an all-Bristol orchestra composed of 19 guitarists, four organists and a bass clarinet player. Riley's composition is defined as: "53 musical phrases in C, no duration." Utley's version, recorded in St. George's Hall in Bristol, is unique due to its sheer number of guitarists.
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Alexander von Mehren is a 28 year-old Norwegian pianist, songwriter and producer. He’s just ?nished his self-recorded debut album, Aéropop, after mixing it with John McEntire (Stereolab, Tortoise, The Sea and Cake) in Chicago. The album, featuring contributions from members of The High Llamas, Jaga Jazzist and Orwell, is especially inspired by British, French and Italian library music and soundtracks of the '60s and '70s and is focused primarily on orchestrated alternative pop music sung in French and English (in addition to instrumental tracks).
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2013 sophomore album from the singer/songwriter, a grandiose and highly ambitious production that builds upon the success of his Bella Union debut. Featuring contributions from Graham Nash, David Crosby, Jackson Browne, Josh Tillman (aka Father John Misty), Wilco's Patrick Sansone, Dawes' Taylor Goldsmith and more, Fanfare certainly reaches for a lush sound.
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