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MARZO 2015


A Place to Bury Strangers have returned with the excellent Transfixiation, filled with the NYC trio's unrelenting, ear-piercing rock-outs. Opening with the deceptively stripped-back Supermaster, Oliver Ackermann channels a bit of Alan Vega's detached swagger atop a steady propulsive bass, mechanical drumming, and tightly wound skronks of guitar which finally begin to loosen during the last 30 seconds, and then never recoil again throughout the album's remaining 35 minutes.
[ file under: indie wave ]
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"Beyond time"

First album of new material from 23 Skidoo in fifteen years, released in a special double disc edition combining the soundtrack music to 2011 documentary film Beyond Time, and a DVD of the film itself. Directed by Alex Turnbull and Pete Stern, Beyond Time is a journey into the life and work of artist William Turnbull, from his modest roots as the son of a Dundee shipyard engineer to his standing as one of the world’s most highly regarded modern sculptors.
[ file under: experimental post-punk ]
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Skullsplitter, the latest from experimental balladeer and outsider guitar hero Eric Chenaux. Skullsplitter continues the trajectory begun on 2012’s Guitar & Voice, once again deploying the same deceptively simple toolkit from which that album took its title, elaborating a soundworld where Eric’s signature fried guitar acrobatics seamlessly fuse with his singularly beautiful singing voice – heartbreaking, mindbending and brilliant.
[ file under: folktronica ]
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"Jane's lament"

From Tame Impala's updated psych-rock to Nite Fields' hazy post-punk, Australia has been home to lots of great atmospheric music in the 2010s. Au.Ra continue that tradition with their debut album, Jane's Lament, which borrows and blends bits and pieces of chillwave, dream pop, and psych with no concern for musical boundaries. The duo's skill lies in just how effortlessly they transform those sounds into something equally mellow, affecting, and transporting.
[ file under: chill wave ]
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If Galaxie 500 was ahead of its time, Damon & Naomi are prescient in their own way, firmly rooted in the early ’90s but hinting at things to come. The project provided a necessary platform for the pair to focus, hone and build on the groundwork that they laid for themselves, peeling away layers to reveal a shy closeness that Galaxie 500 never could. Fortune, is an LP released in tandem with Naomi Yang’s video piece of the same name.
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Parisian Afro-futurist Bambounou projects a mystic, dystopian premonition of things to come with 2nd album, Centrum for Modeselektor's label. Inspired by the sci-fi predictions of Akira and Dune and operating in aesthetic orbit of Jeff Mills, Jamal Moss and Untold, we find ten tracks unfolding a cracked narrative of night vision synths and scuffed, semi-organic rhythms that seem to have a micro-life of their own.
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"Black messiah"

Wow, finally! After many false starts, failed promises, and misadventures, D'Angelo delivers his long-overdue third full-length. Some 14 years after he dazzled the world with Voodoo, D'Angelo drops Black Messiah with no warning. As with many records, timing is a key factor and it's no coincidence that he returns in the wake of protest and general unrest among people of color within the borders of the U.S. After years of tweaking this album, D'Angelo completed the final details and released Black Messiah within a few short weeks, in direct response to the news and protests that have recently rocked the country.
[ file under: french house ]
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"The Chopin project"

Ólafur has constantly pushed the boundaries of music and is as happy composing haunting ambient/electronic scores as playing drums in hardcore and techno bands now he sheds new, fresh light on the music of Chopin.
Chopin’s pieces are played by Alice Sara Ott and recorded by Ólafur in his intimate vintage style on a variety of prepared pianos, combined with re-compositions for strings and piano by Ólafur, merging the pieces into one whole listening experience.
[ file under: contemporary ]
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"Super discount 3"

Etienne de Crécy est un acteur incontournable de la scène électronique internationale. En vingt ans d’un parcours sans faute, le producteur français a gravé certains des albums majeurs de la musique électronique mondiale: de la genèse de la house en France avec Motorbass (en duo avec Philippe Zdar) et Super Discount 1, locomotives de la French Touch alors balbutiante, à la soul digitale de Tempovision.
[ file under: french house ]
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Brendan Angelides is a Los Angeles based music producer & composer who records and performs live as Eskmo. His multi-genre works have been featured on influential labels like Ninja Tune, Warp, Planet Mu and most recently Apollo, the small Belgium label that first introduced the world to Aphex Twin
. The album features a live string ensemble, field recordings from multiple countries and contextually covers an emotive, thought provoking narrative regarding the Sun.
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Edinburgh-born, Australian radio DJ/producer Jonny Faith is the latest finding by Tru Thoughts. The famous label from Brighton keeps on digging the newcomers scene relentlessly, hunting for the best, new, electronic soul, hip hop and beats. The snappy global downbeat of this Sundial is no exception, samples, horizontal psychedelic moods, and smokey dubby production. A fresh program, woven perfectly for a sunny afternoon chill-out session or a late night lounging affair.
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"Shedding skin"

Ghostpoet is pleased to announce news of his forthcoming album Shedding Skin which will be released through Play It Again Sam. Unlike his previous albums, Shedding Skin was recorded with a traditional live set up with what has become his touring band; Joe Newman on guitar, bass player, John Calvert and John Blease on drums. The self-produced album also features guest vocals from Nadine Shah, Etta Bond, Melanie De Biasio, Lucy Rose and Maximo Park's Paul Smith, a collection that sets a new precedent as his very best work yet.
[ file under: british rap ]
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"I love you, honeybear"

I Love You, Honeybear is the highly-anticipated follow up to his acclaimed debut, Fear Fun. The album, featuring Bored In The USA, Chateau Lobby #4 (in C for Two Virgins), True Affection and the title track, was produced by Josh Tillman and Jonathan Wilson, mixed by Phil Ek, and mastered by Greg Calbi at Sterling Sound.
[ file under: balsamic pop ]
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Since the release of Solo Piano II, Chilly Gonzales composed the best-selling book of easy piano pieces Re-Introduction Etudes, produced and released Octave Minds, the piano-meets-electronica album with Boys Noize and, most importantly, devoted himself to finding a modern take on chamber music. The result is Chambers, an album for piano and string quartet. Inspired by the deepening relationship with Hamburg's Kaiser Quartett, the album re-imagines Romantic-era chamber music as today's addictive pop.
[ file under: chamber music ]
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"Tomorrow is my turn"

Rhiannon is definitely the latest in the line of great black American song stylists that takes in, amongst others, Bessie Smith, Sister Rosetta Tharpe, Billie Holliday, Mahalia Jackson, Nina Simone and Aretha Franklin.
[ file under: west-coast ]
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"Universal road"

Robin Guthrie and Mark Gardener have confirmed details of their Universal Road album which will be released on March 23rd 2015 via the Soleil Après Minuit label.The ten track album includes many of the tracks the duo performed on their 2013 tour together.
[ file under: shoegaze ] nulla di nuovo sotto il


(19 year old French Cuban twins, Naomi and Lisa-Kainde Diaz) Ibeyi's eponymous debut combines a love of two very different worlds – the Yoruba chants of their ancestors and the electronic, hip hop and jazz influences of growing up in the city.
[ file under: alt r.&b. ]
ottimo e quindi imperdibile...cdalso available in LP

"Empire of silence"

Ten years after his debut-album Herbstlaub on CCO, german ambient composer Marsen Jules takes us to his Empire of Silence. An impressing soundtrack to the epic power and beauty of nordic snow and ice-landscapes.
[ file under: electronica ]
ottimo e quindi

"Woman in the moon"

Woman In The Moon is a science fiction silent film that premiered on 15 October 1929. It is often considered to be one of the first serious science fiction films, written and directed by Fritz Lang, who is the one of the biggest names in German expressionist cinema, the creator of Metropolis (1927). Detroit Techno music producer Jeff Mills composed the new soundtrack for this classic film, initially for the Fritz Lang Film Retrospective event in Paris in 2011.
[ file under: classic electronica ] nulla di nuovo sotto il


Pearson sound has the honour of releasing Hessle Audio's 1st solo artist album with his adroit and concise self-titled opus. It arrives 7 years since his earliest transmission, Blimey as Ramadanman, in which time he's carved a distinct niche between the sub-strata of UK techno, dubstep and electronica, building one of the most distinguished catalogues in modern dance music - including high profile remixes for Radiohead and Disclosure.
[ file under: indie wave ] nulla di nuovo sotto il sole...cdalso available in LP

"Digital solutions"

Digital Solutions is a culmination of a 35 year relationship with music production for the mastermind behind Model 500, techno pioneer Juan Atkins. Marking the 30th Anniversary for the first label in a genre that has taken over on a global scale, Digital Solutions is only the second full length album ever to be released on the seminal cornerstone of dance music, Metroplex Records. Exploring both electro and straight four on the floor, Digital Solutions gives a glimpse into what will be deemed a blueprint for the next 30 years.
[ file under: detroit techno ]
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Mayer Hawthorne (Aquarius) and Jake One (Taurus) team up as Tuxedo - a project that started in 2006 after the duo started to exchange mixtapes. Expect to hear rubbery electrofunk in the vein of Chic, Shalamar, Plush & Zapp, all mixed by disco legend, John Morales!
[ file under: new soul ] nulla di nuovo sotto il sole...cdalso available in LP


Mumdance and Logos collude on this deadly album release, 'Proto'! The duo mix-up fresh sounding, futuristic grime instrumentals with the spirit of early 90's hardcore.
[ file under: hard-core ]
cdalso available in LP


Remarkable, transcendent new recordings by dextrous multi-instrumentalist Roland P. Young, his 4th LP for Japan's EM Records. Created in 2014 after a move to Tel Aviv, Confluences marks a new phase in Young's oeuvre, with a title both signifying the cultural blend of his new home region, and his ability to naturally comprovise disparate musical influence and textures: clarinet, kalimba, flute, keyboarda, voice and electronica.
[ file under: jazztronik ] nulla di nuovo sotto il sole...cdalso available in LP

Romare exercises his passion for African American forms, from jazz to juke, and for collage based production methods on this new LP for Ninja Tune!
[ file under: ninja-tunes ] nulla di nuovo sotto il sole...cdalso available in LP

"Scattered into light"

Scattered Into Light is the Mush debut from the Luxembourg based electronic act, Sun Glitters. The eleven-tracks album remains true to the glitchy r&b and deep tech-house sound that has blasted Sun Glitters into the consciousness of electronic music fans over the last two years. Stuttering beats and wobbling synths are soft-focused through a sun-bleached lens in a way that will appeal to synth-pop and ambient fans in equal measure.
[ file under: 'gaze & glitch ]
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THEESatisfaction’s EarthEE is the follow up to the alternative r.&b. group debut awE naturalE available worldwide from Sub Pop Records. The album, led by highlights Recognition, Nature’s Candy, was recorded in Seattle and Brooklyn and features guest appearances from Shabazz Palaces, MeshellNdegeocello, Porter Ray and Taylor Brown.
[ file under: alt r.&b. ]
ottimo e quindi imperdibile...cdalso available in LP