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"Island songs"

Island Songs is an audio-visual portrait of his’ home country of Iceland. At its heart this project explores the people, places and music that that are unique to this island and influence O´lafur as an artist. Over the course of seven weeks, he travels to seven very different locations in Iceland - one per week - to record a series of new compositions. In each location Arnalds will be collaborating with artists local to the town to create and perform a new song. Cd+DVD.
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"We got it from here...thank you 4 your service"

We got it from the sixth studio album by American hip hop group A Tribe Called Quest. The album features guest appearances from André 3000, Kendrick Lamar, Jack White, Elton John, Kanye West, Anderson Paak, Talib Kweli, and the group's most frequent collaborators Consequence and Busta Rhymes. The album features contributions from member Phife Dawg, who died several months prior to the album's release.

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"Movements 10"

To celebrate ten years since the release of their classic album, Booka Shade announce Movements 10. The German duo comprised of Walter Merziger and Arno Kammermeier are known for the seminal minimal and electro-house cuts over the mid to late noughties that defined a sub-genre, alongside their Get Physical alumni M.A.N.D.Y. and DJ T. Timeless classics they're responsible for, such as Body Language, In White Rooms and Mandarine Girl are all here and remastered for your listening pleasure.
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"Everything at once"

Michigan producer, sound designer and composer John Beltran's 13th full length is his third on Delsin and it arrives in Autumn 2016. Entitled Everything At Once, it features 17 tracks melting 90s intelligent techno with post rock and ambient with leftfield downtempo.
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"You know what's it's like"

This is Carla dal Forno’s debut solo album. Her voice is an extraordinary instrument: both disarmingly conversational and glacially detached. It has something of the bedsit urbanity of Anna Domino, Marine Girls, Antena, or Helen Johnstone - stoned and deadpan - but it can also summon a gothic intensity that Nico or Kendra Smith would approve of.
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Looking like she walked straight out of a David Lynch movie set, Laura Carbone entices with her sharp lyrics, dark melodies and a twist of 80s/90s dark wave pop from the gospel according to PJ Harvey, Laura Branigan and Chris Isaak Sirens CD music. Clearly walking on the dark side of pop street, this album brings an unparalleled freshness to the chewing gum rock n roll scene.
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"Vibrant forms III"

One of dub techno’s greatest producers yields Vibrant Forms III; a previously unknown addendum to his two original volumes released by Chain Reaction circa 1999-2000, and recently reissued by Subway BCN, who are also behind this remarkable third collection and four corresponding 12” versions.
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"Awaken, my love!"

In the wave of Kendrick Lamar's and Kamasi Washington's spiritual journey of African-American music that's simultaneously spiritual, retro, and futuristic, Awaken, My Love! shows more influence from George Clinton, Prince, and even King Crimson than it does with the world of modern hip hop. The epic three-part track "Me and Your Mama" opens with a chorus crying out against some new agey rhythms that suddenly cut out amid a glut of drum machines and prog drums that turns the song into classic psych funk by way of gospel.
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2016 release from the electronic musician and former member of Emeralds, Strands, inspired by the structural composition of rope0” and penned in tribute to the polluted post-industrial landscape of his hometown, Cleveland, Ohio.
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British two-piece Demdike Stare have released Wonderland, the eagerly awaited new album that follows the killer Testpressing series which kicked off in 2013. The duo’s last album was 2012’s Elemental, and the new full-length eschews their earlier darkness, instead following the thread of dancefloor destruction they perfected on the Testpressing 12's.
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"Black focus"

Long awaited debut album from South London's finest - Yussef Kamaal! Ever since their 22a Boileroom show in 2015 there has been big hype around these guys. 'Black Focus' is here, and will only enhance the hype. The album is all about keys and drums, expertly provided by Kamaal Williams and Yussef Dayes. Together they have created an exquisite blend of modern jazz funk fusion! The 4Hero -esque 'Strings of Light' and Lonnie Liston Smith inspired 'Lowrider' are the one's for us, however it must be said, every tune is a winner!
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For Love Often Turns Us Still—officially titled FLOTUS—is like many of Lambchop’s records: a subtle masterpiece, the kind that slowly and generously reveals its quiet wisdom to those patient and attentive enough to receive it.
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Michael Mayer is one of the leading German tastemakers in dance music and his DJ sets have influenced a generation (or two) of musicians and fans. As an artist, Mayer remains tirelessly motivated to DJing, in the studio or behind his desk at Kompakt, the label he co-owns.
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"Orwell court"

Gareth Dickson is ghostlike. From the dark outskirts of Glasgow he has sent three studio studio albums in to the world - Collected Recordings, The Dance and Quite A Way Away (2012). Gareth Dickson’s music is both beautiful and dark. A quiet Scottish melancholy underpinned by a grace and ethereal purity paired with a unique impression where the delicacy of Nick Drake mixes with the openness and space Brian Eno.
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"I could be happy"

Nouvelle Vague could almost be mistaken for a novelty act if they weren't actually so good. The duo of Marc Collin and Olivier Libaux (plus several delicate, soft-spoken female vocalists) has made a name for themselves by transforming tracks by The Sex Pistols, XTC and Joy Division into loungey, space age era bossa nova songs that belong more at a tiki themed party than in the loud timbre of a punk venue. But I Could Be Happy introduces something new: original songs.
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"Last night on the planet"

Letherette's second album for Ninja Tune. Ten tracks deep and running the gamut from hip-hop (featuring raps from Rejjie Snow and Stones Throw’s Pyramid Vritra), to straight-up four-to-the-floor house trax and deeper, introspective downtempo moments (blessed by Jed & Lucia of Ubiquity Records).
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After repeatedly being visited by a strange messenger in his dreams while on tour in the islands of Greece, Toby Pazner became consumed with a vision to tell the stories of The Olympians through music. Chosen by the gods as a messenger for not only his musical gifts, but for his unique position at the center of the Daptone family, Toby built a home studio from scratch and employed some of the top soul musicians in the world to help him breath life into this album. The result is a dramatic and cinematic journey built on a foundation laid by the same craftsmen whose bricks built the legacies of Sharon Jones, Lee Fields, Charles Bradley, The Budos Band, and Menahan Street Band and painted with lush strings, harpsichord, harp, and horns.
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"Monument builders"

"Monument Builders is the new album from Loscil, the ambient/electronic project of prolific composer Scott Morgan. According to Morgan, the genesis for the album may have begun as he viewed an old VHS copy of the American experimental film Koyaanisqatsi.
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Since Markus Popp resumed making music as Oval in 2010 after a lengthy hiatus, the project has moved away from the glitch sound it helped pioneer in the '90s. Oval's final releases for Thrill Jockey in 2010 and 2011 were electro-acoustic experiments with prickly guitars and free jazz drums, and 2013's Calidostópia! and Voa expanded on this sound with contributions from several Brazilian vocalists. Released in 2016, Popp is the first release on Popp's Uovooo label, and it's easily the project's most startling reinvention yet.

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"Dreaming room"

Musically as diverse as her debut; the record features nile rodgers on one track (a Kate Bush meets Peter Gabriel funk-a-thon) alongside big moments of wall of sound-esque backing vocals, trippy time signature changes and above all - Mvula's beautiful voice. This is the deluxe version of mercury shortlistee’s excellent 2016 album, featuring extra material.
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"In drum play"

Kevin McAuley, better known as Pangaea, steps up to explore the album format following label mate Pearson Sound’s example who released his debut LP in 2015, the Hessle Audio co-founder drops In Drum Play, which operates in the grey area between the studio and the club.
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"Love by machine"

A year after their impressive last album Burn It Down, Detroit techno legends Octave One are back with a nine track album that again shows they are masters of big hypnotic grooves.
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"Honeymoon on mars"

With ‘Honeymoon On Mars’ legendary post punk provocateurs The Pop Group open another chapter at a time when their iconoclastic contention is needed more than ever. It’s a record that finds the band unwaveringly incensed and resolute in their mutative sense of innovation, as Stewart elaborates: ‘it’s a stand against manufactured hate, a hypersonic journey into a dystopian future full of alien encounters and sci-fi lullabies.
Produced by dub titan Dennis Bovell, who worked on their seminal Y album debut and Public Enemy legendary producer Hank Shocklee, Honeymoon On Mars represents the band’s realisation of a dream twofold collaboration.
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"Young narrator in the breakers"

Pavo Pavo is an experimental pop band from Brooklyn, NY. The band started writing together while studying music at Yale, and since then its members have worked closely with indie and classical heavywights such as Here We Go Magic, John Zorn, Dave Longstreth, Porches, Olga Bell, Lucius, Roomful of Teeth, and San Fermin.
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"Until the hunter"

Stargazers, shoegazers, and outcasts of the ’90s are getting a treat in the form of an upcoming project from Hope Sandoval & the Warm Intentions (a.k.a Mazzy Star’s Hope Sandoval and My Bloody Valentine’s Colm Ó Cíosóig). Their new album Until the Hunter is the duo’s first since 2009’s Through the Devil Softly,
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"No further ahead than today"

‘No Further Ahead Than Today’ marks a new era for Tangerine Dream’s newest member Ulrich Schnauss. Now no longer just "that bloke in TD", but a key member of the acclaimed posthumous version of Edgar’s band, more people have a definite idea of not only his musical abilities and compositional skills, but also what an all round great musician he really is.
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Jimi Tenor has been releasing music for 30 years, plays several instruments as is his usual practice. He is credited for playing on Saxentric; acoustic guitar, acoustic piano, background vocals, bass kalimba, drums, drum programming, electric guitar, electric piano, flute, Hammond organ, Korg MS-20, Korg PolySix, Log-o-phone, Moog, organ, percussion, Photophone, plastic bongos, programming, shaker, synthesizers, tambourine, tenor saxophone, vocals and Walton organ.
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