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MARZO 2017

"No home of the mind"

Established in 2006, Bing & Ruth is an ever-evolving collective steered by composer David Moore. A pianist from Kansas and graduate of New York’s school of Jazz and Contemporary Music at the New School, Moore’s work follows in the great tradition of fellow alumni John Cage and Steve Reich. With No Home of the Mind, the ensemble has been streamlined to a five-person unit, exploring the piano’s percussive qualities alongside running woodwinds, tape delays and splattered upright bass lines, taking so-called classical music to new limits.
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"sits somewhere among the likes of Jóhann Jóhannsson, A Winged Victory For The Sullen, Stars Of The Lid, and Set Fire To Flames; but throughout the tracks are imprinted with Olivier’s own sound. This might be defined in the composer’s obsessive exploration of the “grey areas" between noise and musicality and in blurring the boundaries between what is acoustic and what is generated electronically." XLR8R
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"A shadow in time"

On his new album, A Shadow In Time, Basinski plunges deeper than ever for the plaintive, solitary eulogy to David Bowie, aptly titled For David Robert Jones. Conversely, the title track, A Shadow In Time, is a subtle, celestial escalation of melody and drone. The result is one of the most truly transcendent pieces of music he has ever committed to tape.
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Formed by Ertel and Levent Akman in 1996, Baba Zula took Turkish psychedelic pioneers of the 1960s like Mogollar as their inspiration and foundation for what they called Istanbul psychedelia. A kaleidoscopic, two-disc, career-spanning compilation from Istanbul’s revered psychedelic explorers. Esteemed collaborators include Sly & Robbie, Mad Professor, Dr. Das of Asian Dub Foundation, Alexander Hacke (Einstürzende Neubaten) and more. Without a doubt one of the planet’s great musical adventures.
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"Hey mr. ferryman"

Hey Mr Ferryman is Eitzel’s first full studio album recorded entirely in London. It was made at 355 Studios with Mercury Prize winner Bernard Butler (ex-Suede, McAlmont & Butler), who has produced and/or recorded albums with Tricky, Ben Watt, Bert Jansch, Edwyn Collins, and more. Butler produced Hey Mr Ferryman and played all of the electric guitar, bass, and keyboard parts on the album.
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"Aberrant lens"

Marc Barreca’s seventh solo album for Palace of Lights —joining recent and upcoming solo releases for VOD and Freedom to Spend—extends his work with a broader and deeper pallet of synthesized and sampled sound, including sources as diverse as prepared guitars, pianos, Indonesian metallophones and glass harmonica. Mastered by Taylor Deupree.
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"Cruel optimism"

Perhaps the most ambitious and absorbing album yet from Lawrence English, featuring a whole host of friends and collaborators including Swans’ Norman Westberg, The Necks’ Chris Abrahams and Tony Buck, Mats Gustafsson, Werner Dafeldecker and The Angels of Light’s Thor Harris. It’s an arctic meditation rendered in the most beautiful drone and semi-orchestral variants, think somewhere between William Basinski, Akira Rabelais and Badalamenti at his most terrifying.
[ file under: nisolationism ]
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Garry Hughes and Harvey Jones are two pioneering electronic music composers who first encountered each other in Birmingham England in the early 1980’s. This collaboration is a contemplative, yet melodic record, free of beats and vocals, expressing the duo’s love of analog synths, Mellotron sounds and vintage studio effects.
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"Chalice hymnal"

Grails, a collaborative project between Alex Hall, Emil Amos and Zak Riles, sees a resurrection with their first album in six years. Fitting into the Temporary Residence catalogue with ease, Chalice Hymn is adventurous jazz-tinged post-rock that brings to mind Mogwai as much as it does the influence of early Marc Moulin.
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"Big balloon"

Dutch Uncles are an English indie pop band from Manchester. They are known for their use of atypical time signatures within a pop context, and the androgynous vocals of frontman Duncan Wallis. Their influences include Kate Bush, King Crimson, Steve Reich, XTC and Talking Heads.[
[ file under: retropop ]
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"Music to draw to: satellite"

Kid Koala’s Music To Draw To: Satellite is an uncharted musical journey: an expansive work of ambient electronic soundscapes and chilling ballads in collaboration with Icelandic artist Emilíana Torrini. This inaugural volume in the Music To Draw To series is Kid Koala's first non-sample-based record, instead using an array of synthesizers, keys, guitars, strings, turntables.
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High Plains is the duo of Scott Morgan and Mark Bridges. Morgan is predominantly known for his drifting, textured soundscapes released under the pseudonym Loscil and Bridges is an accomplished, classically-trained cellist. The recording of this album was made with a portable studio and all sounds were sourced on site, most notably from Bridges’ cello, the resident Steinway D piano, and field recordings collected from the local soundscape.
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"No future"

Making his debut on Ghostly International following releases on Werkdiscs, R&S, and Ghostly's sister label Spectral Sound, No Future is the second full-length from London-based producer Moiré. No Future songs The album is on par with the artist's exceptional brand of scuffed-up house that initially attracted the attention of Werkdiscs boss Actress, but on this release, there's more of a socially conscious bent to his work.
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Fronted by London-born Nigerian singer Eno Williams, Ibibio Sound Machine is a clash of African and electronic elements inspired in equal measure by the golden era of West African funk, disco, modern post-punk, and electro. The intervening time since their self-titled debut album in 2014 had been spent forging a reputation as a high-energy live act.
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"Occult architecture 1"

Meaning all things magick and supernatural, the root of the word occult is that which is hidden, concealed, beyond the limits of our minds. If this is occult, then the Occult Architecture of Moon Duo’s fourth album - a psychedelic opus in two separate volumes released in 2017 - is an intricately woven hymn to the invisible structures found in the cycle of seasons and the journey of day into night, dark into light?
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"Hyper opal mantis"

Reconnecting with our senses, and spreading love in the process becomes an essential act of resistance. Hyper Opal Mantis is a triptych on 3 states of desire, and the first long player of Kangding Ray for Stroboscopic Artefacts. HYPER is the primal, sensual lust, OPAL is the emotional catharsis, a blissful desire for love. MANTIS, like the insect it refers to, is the destructive, fatal attraction.
[ file under: minimalism ]
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"A pink sunset for no one"

Noveller is the solo electric guitar project of Brooklyn/Austin-based composer and filmmaker Sarah Lipstate. Handling the guitar as her muse, Lipstate summons a sonic palette so rich as to challenge the listener to conceive of how it's housed in a single instrument manipulated by a solitary performer.
[ file under: cinematic ]
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Jeff McIlwain re-emerges from his production slumber to deliver more aural candy for the Ghostly family on this new Lusine album. Further settling into his latter day groove as a producer of well-polished pop-tinged electronics, the Lusine of nearly 20 years ago has not disappeared altogether, the mechanics of his early IDM, ambient and downtempo productions still drive the creative process on Sensorimotor.
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Sampha hails from Morden, south London and has spent the last six years generously dividing his musical talents across solo and collaborative work. In addition to his own revered solo releases Sampha contributed majorly to SBTRKT’s acclaimed debut and follow up Wonder Where We Land as co-writer and featured vocalist. Equally in demand as a songwriter, singer, producer and player, Sampha has been sampled by and produced for Drake, Kanye West and FKA twigs.
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Ideologic Organ is proud to present the brand-new recordings from The Necks, the legendary Australian trio who excel in bypassing musical cliche whilst exploring and extending the practices embedded within improvisation, jazz, post rock, ambient, minimal, and textural, ‘sound based’ music.
[ file under: avant-garde ]
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Passage is the second collaborative album from London-based synth-wizard Ulrich Schnauss and Danish producer Jonas Munk. 11 tracks of breezy, blissed-out electronica and colorful ambient.
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Watercolor is the long-awaited label debut from Seattle’s Porter Ray. Porter was born and raised in and around Seattle’s Central District/Capitol Hill/Columbia City neighborhoods. Porter’s influences including hip-hop classics like Nas’s Illmatic, Common’s Be, and Mos Def & Talib Kweli’s …Are Black Star shine through in both the beats and production and his deeply personal lyrics.
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Martin Schulte is a techno producer from Russia who has been delivering new albums once a year. Seasons is his latest album which he describes as “Expressing the echos of each seasons - a mixture of cold winter, fresh spring, sunny summer and bright autumn packed with 60 minutes of harmonious chords.
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"In mind"

On In Mind, the fourth full-length record from Real Estate, the band fine-tunes the winsome songwriting and profound earnestness that made previous albums so beloved. Recorded in Los Angeles In Mind delivers the same kind of warmth and soft-focus narratives that one has come to expect from the band, pastoral guitars, elegantly deployed arrangements and a sort of mindful melancholy.
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"Life & livin' it"

Produced by founder and frontman Ahmed Gallab, the album draws from the best elements of Sinkane’s previous records: the slinky funk and soul grooves are there, so are the sparkling melodies with roots in sub-Saharan Africa.
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Heartworms is the fifth studio album by American rock band The Shins. The album was released March 10, 2017, on Columbia Records. It is the Shins' first studio album in five years. The album was produced by James Mercer.
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Is Tycho's Epoch the ambient feel-good album of the year? Are those words mutually exclusive? After giving Epoch a spin, it's clear that Tycho main dude Scott Hansen has created a vibrant, evocative work that's simultaneously vivid and alive and very, very chill. The San Francisco producer's beats and smooth production style are epic, conjuring whole worlds before effortlessly segueing into the next step of the journey. A very relaxed toe-tapper of a record.
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Volcano breaks away from that first record almost immediately with “Certainty,” a song that opens with drums and a low, electric pulse that starts the dystopic groove before giving way to a magical synth lead that’s as jaunty as it is whimsical. James Bagshaw’s hypnotic, Bolan-esque vocals, which have only gotten better since the last record, remain a focal point, soaring over Volcano’s churning, electric sound.
[ file under: neo psychedelia ]
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Following their much-acclaimed surprise, self-titled debut album Vermont from 2014, Motor City Drum Ensemble's Danilo Plessow and Innervisions's Marcus Worgull reunite for more synth daydreaming on the suitably titled II. The new outing continues where the first full-length left off, strolling further down the luminous and undulating path that the duo turned into, influenced in equal measures by kosmische, krautrock, minimal wave and synth soundtracks.
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Thundercat's most realised vision of soulful jazz-fusion and boogie yet with the absolutely stunning Drunk. Calling on an A-list of who's who within his world to stop by for a drink, guest spots come from Flying Lotus, Kamasi Washington, Pharrell, Kenny Loggins, Wiz Khalifa & of course the one and only Kendrick Lamar. Drunk is the most perfectly executed album of hip-hop rooted soul science you are gonna hear in 2017.
[ file under: souljazzfusion ]
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