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MARZO 2018


A classically trained pianist, violinist, producer, and composer, Ackroyd turned heads in the neo-classical world with her previous works Escapement and Feathers, as well as her involvement in Hidden Orchestra (Tru Thoughts).
Having played alongside giants of the genre, Hauschka and Nils Frahm, Popp is set to release her brand new self-produced full-length with One Little Indian Records.
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"Stop making fans"

Bernhard Fleischmann's solo recordings have ranged from glitchy IDM instrumentals with post-rock guitars to longform electro-acoustic works recorded live in concert with guest musicians. His albums for Berlin's Morr Music have progressively placed more of an emphasis on songcraft, and 2012's I'm Not Ready for the Grave Yet was an emotionally heavy set of contemplations about life, death, and existence, with Fleischmann's singing appearing along with spoken samples. Its follow-up, Stop Making Fans, is longer and more ambitious, with songs that are often cynical, wry, and a bit paranoid, but nevertheless catchy.
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"Quit the curse"

Anna Burch's debut album for Polyvinyl, Quit the Curse, is heavily reminiscent of '90s singer-songwriter Liz Phair, both honest and confessional. Comparisons to Courtney Barnett, Waxahatchee, and Eleanor Friedberger lie within her tight songwriting and infectious lyrics.
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"Slowly paradise"

Slowly Paradise is Eric Chenaux’s new solo record, a lovely collection of mostly long songs guided by soothing, buttery singing and bent, fried fretwork. It is arguably Chenaux’s most assured and essential solo work, expanding upon the critical acclaim his previous releases Guitar & Voice and Skullsplitter have rightly garnered.
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"Mellow waves"

After releasing his fifth album under the Cornelius moniker, 2006's Sensuous, Keigo Oyamada worked on a number of projects, including a collaboration with J-pop singer Salyu which, using the name Salyu x Salyu, resulted in the 2011 album S(o)un(d)beams. Oyamada composed soundtracks for educational TV programs and the Ghost in the Shell: Arise anime series. He toured with Yoko Ono and Yellow Magic Orchestra and produced remixes for Philip Glass and Sakanaction. He also joined the electro supergroup Metafive, whose lineup includes Yoshinori Sunahara, Yukihiro Takahashi, Towa Tei, and others.
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Plunge is the second studio album by Fever Ray, an alias of Swedish musician Karin Dreijer. It is her first album in nearly nine years, following her 2009 eponymous debut. The album was preceded by the lead single To the Moon and Back, which was released a week before the album. The album received acclaim from music critics, who praised its directly political and sexual themes alongside deconstructed club beats and catchy electronic hooks.
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"Open here"

February 2018 sees the return of Field Music with their sixth album, Open Here. The two years since Commontime have been strange and turbulent. If you thought the world made some kind of sense, you may have questioned yourself a few times in the past two years. For Peter and David Brewis, playing together in their small riverside studio has been a joyful exorcism. Open Here is the last in a run of five albums made at the studio, an unprepossessing unit on a light industrial estate in Sunderland.
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"All melody"

His previous albums have often been accompanied with a story, such as Felt (2011) where he placed felt upon the hammers of the piano out of courtesy to his neighbours when recording late at night in his old bedroom studio, and the following album Screws (2012) when injuring his thumb forced him to play with only nine fingers. His new album is born out of the freedom that his new environment provided, allowing Nils to explore without any restrictions and to keep it All about the Melody.
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"A hundrum star"

Manchester-based leftfield piano trio GoGo Penguin are pianist Chris Illingworth, bassist Nick Blacka and drummer Rob Turner. Their music has been described as acoustic-electronica but they draw equally on rock, jazz and minimalism, game soundtracks and glitchy-electronica to create their unique music. It’s music for the heart, head and feet and saw their album v2.0 (Gondwana records) named a Mercury Prize album of the year 2014 alongside albums from Damon Albarn, Young Fathers and Jungle.
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The Tel Aviv trio ‘Garden City Movement’ are formed of Roy Avital, Yoav Saar and Johnny Sharoni, who produce a blend of sounds drawn from their diverse cultural worlds; ranging from art-pop to experimental house. From the combination of dream-like vocals and cinematic-RnB in singles Slightly All The Time and A Means To An End to the leftfield four-four of Mediterranea and Sans Titre or the ethereal jazz of I Knew Before I Met Her (That One Day I Would Lose Her) the heightened craft in their production is firmly felt across the album’s 18 tracks.
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"Shadow people"

The Limiñanas have mastered the sound of cool 60s Gainsbourg/Bardot and film noir wall of noise psychedelia. Their new album ‘Shadow People’ hits every note. One of France’s most beloved treasures, The Limiñanas are Marie (drums/vocals) and Lionel (guitar, bass, keyboards and vocals). Hailing from Perpignan, the duo straddles the boundary between psych, shoegaze, and yé-yé. With hazy, reverb-laden hooks, combined at times with noisy distortion, and fronted by effortlessly cool vocals, reminiscent of Serge Gainsbourg and Brigitte Bardot, the band is at once timeless and quintessentially French.
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"Red notes"

In honour and dedication for: Thelonious Monk , Weather Report, Black Herman, Larry Heard, Herbie Hancock, Marshall Allen, Danny Thompson, Sun Ra, David Hotep, Daniel Carter, Orphy Robinson, Shabaka Hutchings, Mark Sanders, Evan Parker, Yaw Tembe, Pat Metheny, Miles Davis, Armando Gallop, Jon Hassell, Heldon, Pekka Airaksinen, Popol Vuh, Joe Zawinul, Moebius, Plank, Neumeyer, Adonis.
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Niklas Paschburg is only 23 years old - he was born in Hamburg in 1994 - but he knows how to charm and bewitch with melodies and notes; mesmerising sounds and a cinematic atmosphere, intense crescendi and a pop flavour that moves and fascinates.
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"Englaborn & variations"

“Shortly before his passing, Jóhann completed Englabörn & Variations. With the support of his family, a remastered version of his debut album Englabörn & reworks by himself and others will be released on March 23rd.
Together with the new Variations, this double album takes the listener on a journey through the composer’s extraordinary and unique sound-world. Variations features reworks by internationally acclaimed artists such as legendary Ryuichi Sakamoto, A Winged Victory for the Sullen (feat. Dustin O Halloran), Alex Somers, as well as DG’s very own Víkingur Ólafsson – to name but a few.
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"Hundred acres"

S. Carey’s chosen musical expression is a hugely beatific, restorative panorama of beauty - perfect given how landscape and the wonder of nature inspire much of Carey’s imagery. Like a weathered mountain range changing shadow form and color, or the ebb and flow of a river’s current, his music is simultaneously restful and rhythmic, complex and simple, and always evolving,
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"Sleep better"

This unique record is the world’s first first-ever collection of soundscapes researched and designed by a sleep specialist.
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ottimo e quindi

"Songs of praise"

Comprised of vocalist Charlie Steen, guitarists Sean Coyle-Smith and Eddie Green, bassist Josh Finerty, and drummer Charlie Forbes, the London-based five-piece began as school boys. From the outset, Shame built the band up from a foundation of DIY ethos while citing Eddy Current Suppression Ring and The Fall among their biggest musical influences.
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1. Lisa Lisa and the Cult Jam feat. Full Force – "I Wonder if I Take You Home"
2. Al B. Sure! – "Nite and Day"
3. Prince – "Sometimes it Snows in April"
4. TLC – "Waterfalls"
5. George Clinton – "Atomic Dog 2017"
6. Ralph Tresvant – "Sensitivity"
7. Janet Jackson – "Funny How Time Flies (When You're Having Fun)"
8. Force MDs – "Tender Love"
9. The System – "Don't Disturb This Groove"
10. Tina Turner – "Private Dancer"
11. Sade – "Smooth Operator"
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"Official body"

Shopping are propulsive bass lines, primitive disco-not-disco drums and guitar lines sharp as broken glass. The band was formed in 2012 by members Rachel Aggs (guitar), Billy Easter (bass) and Andrew Milk (drums), who've all done time in a plethora of notable UK DIY bands including Trash Kit and Wet Dog.
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Blood is the much anticipated sophomore album from the romantic soul-pop group Rhye. An album about the aftermath of love which pairs a sultry, subtle, funky brand of soul music with the warm, powerful, and totally unique vocals and lyrics of Mike Milosh.
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"Go dig my grave"

Norwegian artist Susanna has never been one to shy away from the great questions in her music. With Go Dig My Grave she explores historic musical gaps by combining music from the Great American Songbook and old English traditionals with baroque instrumentation and her own, characteristic vocal interpretations. Add some Henry Purcell, some Lou Reed, and Susanna’s own composition, and the unique complexity of Susanna’s artistry is evident: Go Dig My Grave is a profoundly personal collection of dark songs with deep roots through centuries of American and European musical heritage.
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Language, the full-length debut from Starchild & The New Romantic, is the sound of Bryndon Cook occupying his space with unapologetic eloquence, envisioning a world where the crimson qualities of sensitivity and softness aren’t shamed, they are celebrated as magic. Sonically and spiritually, Cook finds guidance in grand standards: looking up to producers Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis, studying their contributions to the New Jack Swing era and pop music at large. Touchstone statements like Janet Jackson’s Control, Michael Jackson’s Bad, and Prince’s 1999.
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"Acts of love"

Her third studio album Acts of Love sees Maylee wholly embracing technology and taking on the role of producer, arranger, and multi-instrumentalist, recording and playing the bulk of the music in her home studio. From a sonic standpoint, the new album marks a departure from the harder-edged sounds of her previous work, boasting a more stripped down, synth-based production approach, with hypnotic beats and undeniably poppy hooks.
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ottimo e quindi imperdibile...cdalso available in LP
"Rare birds"

Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter/multi-instrumentalist/producer Jonathan Wilson (Father John Misty, Karen Elson, Conor Oberst), returns with his third solo release. The ambitious “maximalist” album, titled Rare Birds, is released 2nd March on Bella Union and features contributions from Father John Misty, Lucius, Lana Del Rey, and New Age music legend Laraaji.
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