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"Starting today"

This debut album, by prodigious keys player, composer and producer Joe Armon-Jones, is buoyant, celebratory and welcoming. With a background in jazz, he draws from influences in dub, hip-hop and soul. Different traditions are infused and commingled together. Soulful brass arrangements are coloured with carefully-tuned atmospherics; individual flashes of brilliance are bound into the album’s bigger picture.
[ file under: acid jazz funk ]

ottimo e quindi imperdibile...cdalso available in LP

"The waves, the wake"

JUNO nominated, Polaris Prize shortlisted Great Lake Swimmers frontman Tony Dekker set out to specifically make an album without any acoustic guitar. Recorded in the 145 year old Bishop Cronyn Memorial Church in London, Ontario and produced by Chris Stringer (The Wooden Sky, Elliot Brood, Timber Timbre), The Waves, The Wake releases on August 17, 2018 via Nettwerk.
[ file under: camera pop ] nulla di nuovo sotto il sole...cdalso available in LP

"Black daisy wheel"

The Black Dog have provided the soundtrack. Our fast-approaching dystopia has been envisioned and documented by the band for decades. Now, The Black Dog’s two new albums, Post -Truth and Black Daisy Wheel, translate their growing horror into some of their most accessible and impactful music.
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In search of the sublime, contemporary electronic musician Steve Hauschildt has designed grids and panoramas of sound across multiple releases through the rise and dissolution of his former band, Emeralds, an American touchstone of 2000s home-recorded psychedelic noise music. Dissolvi, the artist’s first full-length with Ghostly International, engages sublimation from an ontological perspective: by dissociating the self.
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ottimo e quindi imperdibile...cdalso available in LP


The album was recorded live with legendary producer Peter Walsh (Scott Walker’s collaborator since Climate Of Hunter) in just five days during a remote residential stay in Wales, amidst a debilitating breakup with his partner of seven years along with Blumberg’s ongoing struggle with mental illness which resulted in his hospitalization just a week before recording.
[ file under: disque du crepuscule ] nulla di nuovo sotto il sole...cdalso available in LP

"Sun on the square"

Karen Peris' gift for melodic subtlety manifests itself on a number of highlights like Green Bus and the more expansive Shadow of the Pines, two songs that dance nimbly between the dark and light places where emotions are most vulnerable. Poignant and poetic, she builds evocative vignettes out of seemingly simple scenes, describing with surprising richness the movements of her brother in the dusty afternoon light of the title song. The arrangements on these ten tracks are somewhat denser and more intricate than on the band's previous few outings, relying on rich string arrangements, horns, reverberating piano thrums and even a handful of clamorous drums - All Music Guide
[ file under: acoustic pop ] nulla di nuovo sotto il sole...cdalso available in LP

"Dreaming remembering"

The LP and accompanying visuals of Dreaming Remembering exist in the borderland between memory and dream, drawing their inspiration from that threshold of consciousness where one cannot tell one from the other.
[ file under: ambient & modern classical ] nulla di nuovo sotto il sole...also available in LP


They might not have put out an album in the last decade, but by no means have Jazzanova been out of the picture. Instead members Alex Barck, Claas Brieler, Axel Reinemer, Jürgen von Knoblauch and Stefan Leisering have been focussing on a diverse range of projects, as well as becoming parents. From running their JRS studio to A&Ring a wealth of new talent for their Jazzanova label via for producing others and, of course, continuing to play their unique live shows around the world, they are as immersed in music as ever.
[ file under: downtempo ] nulla di nuovo sotto il sole...cdalso available in LP

"Let night come on bells end the day"

Sarah Davachi's latest journey in which she searches for and comes very close to finding the perfect drone takes form as Let Night Come On Bells End The Day. As with all her work its a heartbreakingly blissful section of harmonics and glacial melodies. Fully immersive music that also acts as a time machine for when you need an hour to zone out of the world around you.
[ file under: modern classical ]

ottimo e quindi also available in LP

"Music for robots"

MF Robots is the brainchild of former Brand New Heavies’ drummer Jan Kincaid who has joined forces with fellow former BNH singer Dawn Joseph. The spread of styles on ‘Music For Robots’ is broad across this 14 track debut offering, from the urgent dance grooves of Whatcha Sayin and The Night is Calling to the low slung funky Give It Up and the sultry swagger of The Greatest me And You. Love To Last is a highlight with its strong, funk edged crossover tempo with some wonderful sharp, soaring horns.
[ file under: acid jazz funk ] nulla di nuovo sotto il sole...cdalso available in LP

"Negative houses"

ormed from the ashes of Disappears, Chicago group FACS come through with their debut LP for Trouble In Mind Records. The trio create an almighty racket on Negative Houses. Sky-scraping reverbs recall golden-era My Bloody Valentine, but the lumbering post-punk grooves and screes of guitar invoke This Heat and PiL.
[ file under: modern art rock ]

ottimo e quindi imperdibile...cdalso available in LP


Australia’s greatest cult band, The Necks, has a new piece to offer the world this summer, entitled Body. Different again to all previous Necks albums (20 in total), the band has chosen 10 words and phrases that summarize the four richly contrasting episodes of this hour-long, mesmerizing groove. They are as follows: Episodic, Driving, Dynamic, Layered, Celebratory, Soaring, Rocking out, Buoyant, Sustained, Perfectly paced.
[ file under: transgressions ]

ottimo e quindi


Kazuashita – the first record by Gang Gang Dance since the acclaimed Eye Contact in 2011 – is an intoxicating mix of shoegaze and electronic ambience, all held together by Lizzi Bougatsos and her otherworldly vocal. Bougatsos, alongside founding members Brian DeGraw and Josh Diamond, formed the group as an improvisational outfit in the early 2000s, and have consistently worked to blur the boundaries between music and art.
[ file under: indiethno ] nulla di nuovo sotto il sole...cdalso available in LP


Devotion is the long-awaited debut album from Tirzah, produced entirely by Mica Levi and mixed by Mica and Kwes. This is essential summer listening from one of the most exciting and innovative pop/RNB artists in the world right now. Devotion offers us an intimate collection of downtempo love-songs laced with romance and lust, melancholy and desire as experienced from a vocalist who really blurs the edges of grime, pop and RNB with a sweet yet street level edge.
[ file under: neo soul ]

ottimo e quindi imperdibile...cdalso available in LP

"Listening to pictures (Pentimento volume one)"

First new album in nine years by a musical visionary and hugely influential figure in new music. Forty years since its creation, Jon Hassell's Fourth World aesthetic remains a powerful influence on modern electronic music. The release of this new album also sees the launch of Jon’s own label, Ndeya (pronounced “in-day-ya”), which will be a home for new work as well as well as selected archival releases, including re-presses of classic sides and some astonishing unreleased music.
[ file under: fourth world music ]

ottimo e quindi imperdibile...cdalso available in LP


New music from Bjørn Torske is always cause for celebration but even by the high standards that the Norwegian producer has set for himself over the last two decades, Byen feels special. Torske's fifth solo album is a revelation for electronic music fans and anyone with a keen ear for melodic, trance-inducing dance music.
[ file under: scando-nova ] nulla di nuovo sotto il sole...cdalso available in LP

"No sounds are out of bounds"

The new album from ambient electronic duo The Orb. "I wanted to try something with more musicians and more voices. More contributors essentially - similar to the conditions our first album Adventures Beyond The Ultraworld," said founder Alex Paterson.The release coincides with the 30th anniversary of The Orb (First Orb demos were recorded June 1988). New album features Holly Cook, Roger Eno, Youth, Jah Wobble, Guy Pratt (Pink Floyd) and Steve Hillage.
[ file under: dub electronica ] nulla di nuovo sotto il sole...cdalso available in LP

"Songs you make at night"

Since forming in 2003 and over the course of five albums, Tunng are a group that have explored the boundaries between acoustic and electronic music, becoming synonymous with the folktronica genre before moving into territory that managed to both evade that label and continue to redefine it.
[ file under: folktronika ] nulla di nuovo sotto il sole...cdalso available in LP

"Songs of the saxophones"

"This is our debut record on Full Time Hobby. It was all written and recorded over the past two years. It's largely a meditation and reflection on relationship and the unlearning of socialized behaviors. We hope this record brings meaning and comfort to your life in these uncertain times. Thank you for listening."
[ file under: easy jazzy listening ] nulla di nuovo sotto il sole...cdalso available in LP

"Heaven & earth"

“The world that my mind lives in, lives in my mind.” This idea inspired me to make this album Heaven & Earth. The reality we experience is a mere creation of our consciousness, but our consciousness creates this reality based on those very same experiences. We are simultaneously the creators of our personal universe and creations of our personal universe. The Earth side of this album represents the world as I see it outwardly, the world that I am a part of. The Heaven side of this album represents the world as I see it inwardly, the world that is a part of me. Who I am and the choices I make lie somewhere in between.” Kamasi Washington
[ file under: contemporary jazz ]

ottimo e quindi imperdibile...cdalso available in LP

NYC, London, Berlin, Norwich? The East Anglian city might not be the first place that comes to mind when you think of danceable post-punk, but Sink Ya Teeth emerge from Norfolk with an LP to give the likes of ESG and !!! a run for their money. They’ve toured with the latter, as well as Moon Duo, and are about to set off for a jaunt with A Certain Ratio. The likes of Pushin’ and Glass are fun, lithe electro-pop jams.
[ file under: post-punk ]

ottimo e quindi imperdibile...cdalso available in LP

"Order of nothingness"

Jimi Tenor's mind will travel where his body can't go. Living in isolation in east-Helsinki suburb he picks mushrooms and has exotic musical fantasiesin the calmness of the endless. He has made a quantum connection in Berlin with rhythm geniouses Ekow Alabi Savage and Max Weissenfeldt to create his latest tour de force Order of Nothingness.
[ file under: cosmic jazz ]

ottimo e quindi imperdibile...cdalso available in LP