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"Turn to clear view"

Bass-heavy dub and contemporary club culture are the foundations for Joe Armon-Jones’ phenomenal second album. Turn to Clear View builds on the celebrated keys player’s singular vision, exhibiting a sound with flourishes of R&B, hip-hop and p-funk, and featuring regular bandmates Oscar Jerome, Moses Boyd and Nubya Garcia. He builds on his close-knit core personnel with guest spots from artists he’s long admired, including Georgia Anne Muldrow.
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"Transmission suite"

Recorded at the same Granada Studios where they performed on TV in 1989, ‘Transmission Suite’ sees Graham Massey and Andy Barker reprise their love of late ‘80s Detroit and Chicago records and merge it with new influences taken from the rhythm-riding styles of the Swing Ting clubnight and Jon K/Kelvin Brown’s long-defunct Eyes Down sessions that are so particular to the Manchester dancefloor make-up.
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Carter Tutti Void are Chris Carter, Cosey Fanni Tutti (Chris & Cosey / Throbbing Gristle) and Nik Void (Factory Floor / NVPR). Containing all new studio recordings, Triumvirate brings Chris Carter, Cosey Fanni Tutti and Nik Void’s collaborative partnership as Carter Tutti Void to a conclusion. The trio first came together as a collective for a live performance, invited by Mute for the Short Circuit Festival in 2011 and released their acclaimed debut, the live album Transverse the following year.
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Apollo are delighted to welcome the return of Australia duo Albrecht La’Brooy AKA Sean La'Brooy and Alex Albrecht with their blissful new album 'Healesville' recorded in a mud-brick hut on a strawberry crop in the Melbourne countryside. Healesville follows on from the bucolic wonder of their Apollo debut Tidal River which took inspiration from the duo's visit to the beautiful Wilson's Promontory (a remote national park on the South East coast of Australia).
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"Close it quietly"

Close It Quietly takes the trademark Frankie Cosmos micro-universe and upends it, spilling outwards into a swirl of referentiality that’s a marked departure from earlier releases, imagining and reimagining motifs and sounds throughout the album. FC’s fourth studio release is a manifestation of the band’s collaborative spirit: Greta Kline and longtime bandmates Lauren Martin (synth), Luke Pyenson (drums), and Alex Bailey (bass) luxuriated in studio time with Gabe Wax, who engineered and co-produced the record with the band.
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"Volume massimo"

Trailed as a direct sequel to his previous solo album, 2017's "Avanti", "Volume Massimo" sees Nine Inch Nails member Alessandro Cortini offer up another immersive trip through droning guitar textures, repetitive synthesizer motifs, exotic sitar parts and fuzzy electronics. It's effectively a series of "maximal" instrumental soundscapes with sounds large and layered.
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"Practice of love"

Jenny Hval returns, three years on from the outstanding Blood Bitch, with her seventh studio LP. The Practice Of Love finds the Norwegian artist at once streamlining her music-making and also stretching things out a little. Jenny Hval’s The Practice Of Love is a great example of liminal pop music - Gothic, ethereal and seductive.
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"Look up sharp"

The London-based artist enters a new era in her peerless output pushing her dub-damaged DIY dispatches to the limits of flawless dream-pop. In her own territory between plaintive pop, folk and post-punk dal Forno conjures the ghosts of AC Marias, Virginia Astley and Broadcast through her brushwork of art-damaged fx and spectral atmospheres.
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"Sag es erst morgne"

Melina Duterte is a master of voice: Hers are dream pop songs that hint at a universe of her own creation. Recording as Jay Som since 2015, Duterte’s world of shy, swirling intimacies always contains a disarming ease, a sky-bent sparkle and a grounding indie-rock humility. In an era of burnout, the title track of her 2017 breakout, Everybody Works, remains a balm and an anthem.
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Fresh from the release earlier this year of his compilation of lambent, analogous ambient and atmospheric music for the esteemed Late Night Tales compilation series, Floating Points’ first album in four years, Crush, twists whatever you think you know about him on its head again. A tempestuous blast of electronic experimentalism whose title alludes to the pressure-cooker of the current environment we find ourselves in.
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"Brighter the light"

Juan Maclean is a DJ and producer who has been a mainstay of the New York club scene, as well as maintaining a rigorous international touring schedule, since the release of his first records on DFA in 2002. The Juan Maclean return to DFA with a compilation LP of 12-inch singles they’ve amassed over the past six years – re-edited, re-mastered, and ready for fans who may have missed the tracks the first time around.
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"No home record"

With a career spanning nearly four decades, Kim Gordon is one of the most prolific and visionary artists working today. A co-founder of the legendary Sonic Youth, Gordon has performed all over the world, collaborating with many of music’s most exciting figures including Tony Conrad, Ikue Mori, Julie Cafritz and Stephen Malkmus.
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"Adult baby"

Kazu Makino, founder & lead singer of Blonde Redhead, celebrates the release of her long anticipated first solo album, Adult Baby. Album features Ryuichi Sakamoto, Ian Chang (Son Lux) and Greg Saunier (Deerhoof).
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"Lamenting machine"

Antony Ryan and Robin Saville – the inventors of electronica – are returning with their ninth studio album. Three years in the making, “The Lamenting Machine” will go down in history as the deepest and most satisfying chapter yet in the ongoing musical conversation between these brilliant musicians.
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"Before you begin"

At just 22 years old, Sequoyah Murray is crafting the kind of concise, singular musical statements that many artists strive for their whole careers. His mutant brand of modern soul is as deeply eclectic as it is instantly arresting, a quality that drew early comparisons to Arthur Russell. Before You Begin distills an enormous wealth of ideas, emotion and detail into a stunning debut.
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"Um dada"

Cabaret Voltaire’s Stephen Mallinder will release his first solo LP in 35 years. The Sheffield native is known best as a founding member of Cabaret Voltaire, the seminal industrial and post-punk outfit, whose Rough Trade albums became touchstones for DIY experimentation and electronics in the UK.
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"Salad way"

Salad are a UK-based indie band formed in London, England in 1992 by Marijne van der Vlugt, Paul Kennedy, Pete Brown and Rob Wakeman. Salad released their hit debut album Drink Me in 1995 featuring singles Drink the Elixir and Motorbike to Heaven. Now they have released the first Salad album since 1997.
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"In the morse of brake lights"

The New Pornographers return with a new studio album, In The Morse Code Of Brake Lights. The album is full of classic songwriting with twisting lyrical content that touches on the humanistic side of life in current times, craftfully penned by frontman A.C. Newman.
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"The return"

Sampa The Great creates a sense of home on her debut album - “The Return”. A characterful record, its reference points range from classic hip-hop to ancient Southern African sounds. Built on four years of personal and musical soul-searching, it’s an assured statement, the product of meaningful musical connections and of Sampa having to redefine her self-identity away from the comforts of family and old friends.
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"Handfuls of lights"

Erased Tapes present Handfuls of Night — the highly anticipated follow-up to Penguin Cafe’s much applauded 2017 album The Imperfect Sea — inspired by the Antarctic, Arthur Jeffes’ journey following in Scott’s footsteps and our penguin friends that reside there. Using gut-stringed violins, viola, cello, bass, percussion, upright and grand pianos, synthesizer, harmonium and more, Arthur Jeffes and his cohorts have crafted a vivid series of panoramic sonic landscapes.
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ottimo e quindi imperdibile...cdalso available in LP

Shura's second studio album, Forevher, is a dose of sultry pop swirled with electronic, funk, and R&B. A tribute to the singer/songwriter's long-distance relationship, there are plenty of romantic and flirtatious lyrics, not the least in the funky “religion (u can lay your hands on me). Shura's influences for her sophomore effort range from Joni Mitchell to The Internet to Prince, a variety that leads to enigmatic tracks like “the stage, which almost sounds like a Feist song, but with more '70s pop flavor.
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"Forever turned around"

Forever Turned Around came together over several sessions across the country. Though Julien Ehrlich is Whitney’s lead singing drummer while Max Kakacek is the lead guitarist, when writing, both transcend their roles to piece together each offering lyrically and compositionally. Challenging each other is the core of their songwriting partnership.
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ottimo e quindi imperdibile...cdalso available in LP