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MARZO 2022


"In cinerama"

April March has quite the resume: an animator on Pee Wee’s Playhouse and for Madonna’s Who’s That Girl video, and collaborating with Brian Wilson, Jack White, LL Cool J, Jonathan Richman, Ronnie Spector and Bertrand Burgalat. But she also has an acclaimed recording career, heavily influenced by French pop music, making a name for herself in France with her self-produced albums as well as albums with Bertand Burgalat and Aquaserge.
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"Papillon de nuit: the night butterfly"
"Papillon de Nuit: The Night Butterfly" is the third studio album from Canadian Soul/R&B powerhouse Tanika Charles and is slated to be released worldwide on Milan-based Record Kicks label on April 08th. Composed and recorded while in and out of lockdowns, Papillon de Nuit is an album anchored in growth and maturity. The thematic inspiration came from an unlikely source, a creature that soars after the sun sets, but often goes unnoticed until the light shines on it. It is the "papillon de nuit" to some, but drably referred to as a moth by others, revealing a bias in language alone.
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"World contact day"

World Contact Day arrives six years after the previous Blue States album, written and recorded partly at Dragazis' Lightwell Recordings studio in Hackney featuring a combination of instrumental soundscapes and vocal songs that fall into draw on a wide palette of influences including Morricone, Vangelis, Beak, Broadcast and The Carpenters.
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Gather your loved ones, Together is here. Duster’s fourth album is a 13-song exploration of comfortable, interplanetary goth. A sonic vaseline of submerged guitars, solder-burned synths, and over-driven rhythm tracks. “I know people say, ‘Oh Duster music so sad, we've even said it ourselves before,” Clay Parton said. “But it's a lot more like absurdism than nihilism.”
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"Keep on with falling"

Responding to the warm welcome that greeted news of their reformation earlier this year, The Boo Radleys release their first album of all-new music in 24 years, the 11-track Keep On With Falling on their own Boostr label. Rising from cult-shoegaze band to the very forefront of British guitar pop inside one, eventful decade,and formed of original members, Sice, Tim Brown and Rob Cieka, the 11-songs on Keep On With Falling are the first to be developed by The Boo Radleys as a three-piece.
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"Skinty fia"
"2020’s A Hero’s Death saw Fontaines D.C. land a #2 album in the UK, receive nominations at the GRAMMYs, BRITs and Ivor Novello Awards, and sell out London’s iconic Alexandra Palace.
Now the band return with their third record in as many years: Skinty Fia. Used colloquially as an expletive, the title roughly translates from the Irish language into English as “the damnation of the deer”; the spelling crassly anglicized, and its meaning diluted through generations.
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"Electribal soul"

Electribal Soul is the fabled, previously unreleased second album from UK electronic pioneers Electribe 101. Recorded in 1991 by the quintet of vocalist Billie Ray Martin and Birmingham-based electronic musicians Brian Nordhoff, Joe Stevens, Les Fleming and Roberto Cimarosti, Electribal Soul was conceived as the sequel to the band’s 1990 debut album, Electribal Memories.
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Held By Trees are a group of musicians who worked on many albums by Talk Talk and the Mark Hollis solo album. Their debut LP 'Solace' is one of post-rock instrumentals. Their music is heavily influenced by the aforementioned Talk Talk, as well as Ryuichi Sakamoto and ‘Dark Side Of The Moon’-era Pink Floyd. The band also includes members of Blur, Dire Straits and blues guitarist Eric Bibb. Other contributors include Tim Renwick (guitar – Pink Floyd, David Bowie, Eric Clapton), Mike Smith (sax – Blur, Damon Albarn, Gorillaz), David Knopfler (guitar – Dire Straits founding member), Gary Alesbrook (trumpet – Noel Gallagher, Kasabian, Super Furry Animals).

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"Warm Chris"

An artist of rare calibre, Aldous Harding does more than sing; she conjures a singular intensity. The artist has announced details of Warm Chris new studio album, the follow-up to 2019’s acclaimed Designer. For Warm Chris, the Aotearoa New Zealand musician reunited with producer John Parish, continuing a professional partnership that began in 2017 and has forged pivotal bodies of work (2017’s Party and the aforementioned Designer).
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"Sad cities"
"Sad Cities is the best kind of comeback album; one that has just the right amount of nostalgia baked into the grooves, but also adds in new sounds and approaches. Shapiro and Agebjörn certainly do that and the album is a reminder of just how good heartbreak disco can sound when delivered by people who understand it so well." AllMusic (4/5)
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"Classic objets"

“In 2020, like everyone else, I was just a private person,” says Hval. As an exercise, Hval wrote straight-forward stories about life, investigating the stripped-down “just me” concept. She had been “just me” before too, when at 24, while living in Australia, she was diagnosed with celiac disease and could no longer begin her music career in the way she had foreseen.
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"Lost angeles"
Legendary musical pioneer Brix Smith recorded Lost Angeles with Marty Willson-Piper in 1997 and this long lost gem includes some of her best work to date. Originally intended to be a follow on from her influential and much loved project The Adult Net, 'Lost Angeles' was written in Los Angeles during her break from The Fall (1992-1994) and recorded in 1997 in Penzance during her second stint in The Fall.
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Fronted by London-born Nigerian singer Eno Williams, Ibibio Sound Machine is a clash of African and electronic elements inspired in equal measure by the golden era of West African funk, disco, and modern post-punk and electro. Evocative Nigerian poetic imagery set against an edgy Afro-Electro soundscape gives the band a unique space within the wave of modern Afrocentric sounds.
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"Bucked up space"
Nik Void is well established with her work as one half of Factory Floor, one third of Carter Tutti Void (alongside Chris Carter and Cosey Fanni Tutti) and with the late Peter Rehberg as NPVR, but perhaps surprisingly, "Bucked up Space" is her first solo album release. Bucked Up Space combines Void’s love of improvisation with the driving force of beat-driven music absorbed from performing in galleries, residencies and clubs across the UK and Europe.
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"I'm not sorry, I was just being me"

Hannah Merrick’s recollection of how she and Craig Whittle first set about turning ambition into reality is typically down-to-earth. “I remember wanting a band,” she says, “and that was that. The first thing was to get a guitarist, and that was Craig. But it was never, ‘Let’s just jam’. Instead, as soon as we had our songs together, it was, ‘Let’s build on this. Let’s put a band around it.’” And ‘this’, as others might say, is how the magic began.
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After releasing two of the hottest singles of the year, Wet Leg’s Rhian Teasdale and Hester Chambers were catapulted from their confines on the Isle of Wight to sold out venues across the UK and packed-out tents at festivals causing giddy excitement wherever they went. Now, the duo is thrilled to unveil news of their debut album. The album is called Wet Leg.
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"How is it that I should look at the stars"

One year after the release of Ignorance, The Weather Station returns with How Is It That I Should Look At The Stars. The album is intended to be heard as a companion piece to Ignorance; songs written at the same time that connect thematically and emotionally, songs that reveal the vulnerability at the heart of the body of work. Recorded live in just three days, How Is It That I Should Look At The Stars is achingly intimate; full of breath, silence, and detail.
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A longtime fan of ambient-adjacent Ghostly International artists such as Telefon Tel Aviv (who she’d ask to master the album), HTRK (whose singer Jonnine Standish features on Nothing), and Lusine (whom she remixed at the start of 2021), Lorraine James saw the label as the ideal home for this eponymous album of airy, transportive tracks as they began to formulate.
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Nilüfer Yanya runs head first into the depths of emotional vulnerability on her anticipated sophomore record PAINLESS. Recorded between a basement studio in Stoke Newington and Riverfish Music in Penzance, the record is a more sonically direct effort, narrowing her previously broad palette to a handful of robust ideas. Yanya's debut album Miss Universe (2019) earned a Best New Music tag from Pitchfork and saw support tours with Sharon Van Etten, Mitski and The XX.
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Emily Jane White is a musician, songwriter, and poet from Oakland, CA. She began performing under her own name in 2003 and released her first album "Dark Undercoat" in 2007. Rooted in a moment of catastrophe, Alluvion is an album about personal and collective grief resulting from the loss of human life and the continued loss of our natural world. We live in a moment of merging traumas, of converging environmental, social, and political crises.
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