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Avalon Emerson & The Charm is an evolution. Created during an extended break from the hectic blur of her life as a touring DJ, the album is a personal statement of intent from an artist who’s long looked beyond the club for inspiration. It’s also the first time that Emerson has put herself, her emotions and, most notably, her voice fully into the spotlight.
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ottimo e quindi imperdibile...cdalso available in LP

Having released music with Blue Note, Impulse! and Schema records, Nicola Conte’s relationship with Far Out began over a shared love of hard-edged bossa-nova and swinging samba-jazz. Between 2009-2013 Nicola Conte compiled five volumes of forgotten 60s Brazilian music for his Viagem series. He then released his critically acclaimed Natural album: a collaboration with vocalist Stefania Dippiero, featuring jazz standards alongside covers of lesser known Brazilian gems.
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ottimo e quindi imperdibile...cdalso available in LP

Strut presents an exclusive new collaboration between UK jazz keyboardist Greg Foat and Venetian ambient / electronic maestro Gigi Masin on Dolphin. Recorded remotely during 2021-2022 the album took shape in the form of mutual compositions, gradually developed and embellished online. Final recording sessions took place at the majestic Chale Abbey Studios on the Isle Of Wight with Moses Boyd (drums), Tom Herbert (bass) and Siobhan Cosgrove (flute, clarinet) adding elements to several pieces. Tracks include the reflective, wistful single ‘Viento Calido’ and drifting ambient piece Sabena, a beautiful tribute to Gigi’s wife who sadly passed away during 2022.
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ottimo e quindi imperdibile...cdalso available in LP

"You're the one"
The newest album from Rhiannon Giddens’, You’re the One is her third solo studio album and her first of all original songs. This collection of 12 songs written over the course of Giddens’ career bursts with life-affirming energy, drawing from the folk music that she knows so deeply, as well as its pop descendants. Produced by Jack Splash (Solange, Alicia Keys, Valerie June), You’re the One features some of Giddens’ closest musical collaborators from the past decade, including multi-instrumentalists Francesco Turrisi and Dirk Powell, bassist Jason Sypher, and Congolese guitarist Niwel Tsumbu. The album features electric and upright bass, conga, Cajun and Piano accordions, guitars, a Western string section, and Miami horns, among other instruments, capturing the inclusive spirit that channels through all of her work.
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ottimo e quindi imperdibile...cdalso available in LP

Jayda G, the Grammy-nominated writer, producer, DJ, environmental toxicologist, campaigner and broadcaster, is set to return with her new full length album ‘Guy’. Co-produced with Jack Peñate (who has previously worked with the likes of SAULT, David Byrne and Adele), with contributions from Lisa-Kaindé Diaz (of Ibeyi), Ed Thomas (Stormzy, Nia Archives, Jorja Smith) and more.
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Blowout sways between the title’s two definitions – a moment of destruction and one big party. While writing the album, Kirby thought of episodes of collective madness or delusion, like Fyre Festival and the Heaven’s Gate cult. The album imagines “a festival where everyone gets beamed up to utopia or heaven instead of starving or dying unfulfilled.” Kirby says, “I’m trying to use imagination in music to create my own myths, and keep things playful and funny and not too sanctimonious.”
[ file under: exotic electro ] nulla di nuovo sotto il sole...cdalso available in LP

"No thank you"
No Thank You (stylised in all caps) is the fifth studio album by British rapper Little Simz. It was released on 12 December 2022 through the independent label Forever Living Originals after being announced less than a week prior. No Thank You is a hip hop album containing elements of gospel, soul, funk, and electronic music. The songs on No Thank You contain subtle rhythms with orchestral instrumentation, featuring Simz rapping about her music industry experiences, intrapersonal communication, and spiritual revelations. Simz worked with longtime collaborators Inflo (for production) and Cleo Sol (for background vocals) to create this project.
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ottimo e quindi imperdibile...cdalso available in LP

"Rain before seven..."
A sense of optimism infuses Penguin Cafe’s fifth studio album Rain Before Seven… not the braggadocious, overconfident kind, but more a blithe, self-effacing optimism in keeping with the national character. Even when all signs point to the contrary, it operates within the certainty that things are going to be alright. Probably. The title comes from an old weather proverb with the rhyming prognostication — fine before eleven — hinting at a happy ending, irrespective of the science: “I found it in a book and I'd never heard it before,” says Arthur Jeffes, leader of Penguin Cafe. “It has faintly optimistic overtones and I quite like it. It's fallen out of usage recently but it does describe English weather patterns coming in off the Atlantic.”
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ottimo e quindi imperdibile...cdalso available in LP

"What will you grow now?"
Modern Cosmology, the musical ensemble composed of Laetitia Sadier (Stereolab) and Brazil's Mombojó, are not cosmologists or astronomers (although Felipe S. - who sings and plays the guitar - knows quite a bit about reading astrological charts) but they are back with What will you grow now?, the follow up to 2017s bossa-nova, pop, and psychedelia drenched ‘Summer Long’. Released via Stereolab's Duophonic Super 45s imprint.
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ottimo e quindi imperdibile...cdalso available in LP

Phi-Psonics is a meditative, deeply soulful, immersive instrumental group from Los Angeles, led by bassist Seth Ford-Young and featuring Sylvain Carton on woodwinds, Mitchell Yoshida on electric piano, and Josh Collazo on drums. Their beautiful music draws on jazz and classical influences together with Ford-Young’s own musical experiences, relationships, and his introduction to spirituality, yoga and philosophy at a young age. Along the way they create something uniquely their own, sharing beautiful landscapes for your spirit to roam freely within.
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ottimo e quindi imperdibile...cdalso available in LP
"Omnichord real book"
Produced by saxophonist Josh Johnson, the album showcases some of Ndegeocello’s frequent collaborators including Johnson, keyboardist Jebin Bruni, guitarist Chris Bruce, and drummers Abe Rounds and Deantoni Parks. Also appearing on various songs are an amazing cast of musicians that includes guitarist Jeff Parker, vibraphonist Joel Ross, trumpeter Ambrose Akinmusire, harpist Brandee Younger, drummer Mark Guiliana, bassist Burniss Travis II, keyboardists Julius Rodriguez, Corey Henry, and Jason Moran, and vocalists Joan As Police Woman, Sanford Biggers, Hanna Benn, Thandiswa, and the HawtPlates (Justin Hicks, Kenita-Miller Hicks, and Jade Hicks).
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ottimo e quindi imperdibile...cdalso available in LP

"My soft machine"
"My Soft Machine is the world through my eyes, it’s a journal, an exploration of every emotion, character and affecting detail within my field of vision. At its core, this album is an exercise in reaching inwards and sharing what I find at the limits of myself."
[ file under: alt indie soul ] nulla di nuovo sotto il sole...cdalso available in LP

"On Giacometti"
Hania Rani announces On Giacometti a tender meditation on the life and art of Alberto Giacometti and family. On Giacometti is a collection of beautiful recordings inspired by the renowned artist and family and features some of Rani’s most profoundly delicate compositions to date. Invited by film director Susanna Fanzun, to score her forthcoming documentary on the legendary artist Alberto Giacometti, Hania Rani took herself to the Swiss mountains to compose in blissful isolation.
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ottimo e quindi imperdibile...cdalso available in LP

"Poetic Justice"
Three years ago, Dutch multi-instrumentalist and producer Noam Offir unveiled his debut album as Soul Supreme, a vividly realised fusion of jazz-funk, jazz-fusion, hip-hop, soul and electrofunk flavours that boasted impeccable musicianship. Poetic Justice, the rising star's hotly anticipated follow-up, continues in a similar vein whilst aiming higher. The musicianship is, if anything, even better, with liberal use of horns, P-funk synth sounds, Clavinet, warming electric piano motifs, loose limbed drums. It's basically the same old super Soul Supreme sound, taken to the next level. As a result, Poetic Justice is even better than its lauded predecessor.
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ottimo e quindi imperdibile...also available in LP

"Send and return"
The moods and movements of an English estuary can be heard running through a stunning and deeply intriguing new album from the electronic duo Ultramarine. Flowing and mutating as it transitions from an Essex river into the open sea, the Blackwater Estuary, north of London inspired this beguiling collection of hypnotic jazz, itching electronica and softly dazzling ambient shapes.
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ottimo e quindi imperdibile...also available in LP